Ahead 2023 Presidential Elections...." Peter Obi Has What it takes to Deliver Nigeria " - Shaki Ande, the Vice chairman North , of the newly formed body Nigeria Anew movement (NAMO)

History was made earlier this week when the New Face of Politics (For National Development) in Nigeria launched  the all powerful NIGERIA ANEW MOVEMENT (NAMO) in staunch support of the Labour Party Presidential candidate , Peter Obi and his running mate Ahmed Datti

The event which was held at the imposing Airport Hotel Ikeja,Lagos, saw people from all walks of life in attendance

Shortly after the official launching of the movement, Hon Shaki Ande, the Vice chairman North of the newly formed body Nigeria Anew movement (NAMO) obliged us an exclusive one on one session , please follow his position statements

Q: Please tell us a bit of yourself?

A: I am Hon Shaki A. Ande from Taraba  state, a successful business man and politician

Q: What really inspired you  and many other   Northerner's to support Peter Obi candidacy

A: We resolved to support Obi's candidacy because of the  fact that he has a very good track record and we need him to rescue us from the security and economy challenges we are facing in the north. Former president Goodluck Jonathan did very well in the North in terms of security, education, economy etc, despite few oppositions, we are supporting Peter Obi to continue from where Goodluck Jonathan stopped. President Buhari has disappointed the Northerner's. Therefore we collectively agreed to support Peter Obi candidacy

Q : What is Obi's aim in the North?

A: I can categorically tell you that Peter  Obi   has a very clear transformative Vision that he has sold to the electorates in the North, we are just waiting for the manifestation in 2023.

Q: Many believe Obi has no solid structure; your take?

A: People that are saying he has no structure are opposition parties they don't really know what structure mean. Labour party is the political party with the highest structure. Workers ( civic servants, public servants etc)are the structure of the party. We shouldn't be deceived by their careless utterances.

Q: Can have your few advice for Nigeria's youths come 2023?

A: My advice to the youths; they should try to be involved in politics and stop attacking each other on social media. Politics Is a game of interest, a game of numbers. Don't vote, just vote right and to the dictate of your conscience... For me, my family, relative's and friends, Peter Obi is the Messiah we need" postulated Shaki  the young business tycoon cum politically minded power house

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