Chigbu, Fearless Freedom Fighter & Biafra Agitator Based Abroad Speaks Passionately on 2023 Aspirants & Essence of Nnamdi kanu


Mazi Innocent Chigbu is a young NIGERIAN born freedom Fighter & human rights activist based in Europe

Over the weekend, from his Europe base he had a long telephonic interview with World Industry Leaders Magazine and spoke on sundry national & international issues, enjoy the excerpt

*On his recent  Appointment* 

"In a freedom fighting movement such as the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) it translates to selflessness, commitment and increased responsibilities.

*IPOB committed Soldier*

For me, "committed Soldier for IPOB" is an understatement. 

I  will die for Biafra, for the love of my people and the quest for their freedom. I have been to free world where freedom is the order of the day, I've seen and being with those enjoying freedom, I partook then reassured myself that my people deserves fundamental human rights and total freedom.

For this reason I took and still taking part in necessary events home and abroad, ensuring that I play my role where required and see to it that the fire which Mazi Nnamdi Kanu ignited doesn't go down and that all necessary support are given to the *DOS* Directorate Of State of The Indigenous People Of Biafra and all relevant departments.

*On the Nigeria Election 2023*

"My pursuit for restoration of Biafra in accordance with the global democratic process doesn't make me ignorant of Nigeria politics though I am not interested and would align myself with the stipulated policies of IPOB regards that.

The three popular presidential contestants are great people in their various calling.

* His view on the top aspirants..

1. Bola Tinubu has fought a good fight to have brought Lagos and other western states he has hand in where they currently are now. He would have made some impact in Nigeria assuming he's younger and energetic, If Tinubu occupies the presidential seat he wouldn't be the one piloting the affairs of the country therefore the situation would be same as it is now or irreversibly worst than it is now.

2. Atiku Abubakar  In my opinion has always been at the corridor of power and hasn't been trusted to handle power. The hidden question that our people are always scared of asking is "why are the closest people to Atiku scared of trusting him with administrative power"?

For me Atiku may appear gentle but could be brutal with power in his hands. Remember that he is the reason why there's no Electricity in Nigeria.. own so many Generating plant companies in proxy, he is a civil servant whom after dealing with importers/ exporters (Igbos) as a custom officer came into so much riches that he singlehandedly own a seaport (Intel) and more. 

He would definitely do try by errors with his family and friends, he would be arrogant with power, lacks 21st century ideas. 

*Peter Obi*

*Obidient* *ObiDatti* Has been Institutionalised.... With Obidient political movement Obi/Datti would win election but it doesn't end there. 

- What if APC and PDP merge to beat Obi?

- What if Obi wins and Atiku/Fulani cabals rejects it?

I see *Obidient, ObiDatti* in various societal classes ranging from Presidential classes, opinion leadership classes, entrepreneurial classes, captains of industry/educational classes, religious classes, labour unions classes, students classes, diaspora classes, entertainment classes, artisan classes and even *gbass-gboss/ballotboxhijack* classes. If the above mentioned classes work to prevent rigging of election then Obi/Datti would emerge victorious after which the Nigerian youths for the first time in a long time would perceive the aroma of what is called "government of the people" in their lifetime. 

Obidient as a movement if fortified would become a force that can move anyone even Obi himself with whom the acronym was coined, I don't want to talk about "Peter Obi" himself because the movement has grown beyond him, he must now study how to cope with Obidient movement.

*On his LEADER Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

"MNK's consistent sensitisation gospel as a lone voice in the wilderness since 2012 was the wake up call to the spirit of the Nigerian youths beyond Igbos which gave birth to Amotekun, ESN, Obidient movement etc. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said everything truth about Nigeria that people were scared to mention before now, there's nothing anyone would say in Nigeria today that MNK hadn't said. He is worthy of recognition by all, he is a Messiah and shouldn't be where he is now. It is only in Nigeria that MNK in not recognized and regarded.

Nigeria has no single proven case known to law (Local, continental & International) against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People Of Biafra. 

Kanu and IPOB defeated Nigeria in the African Union Court, MNK defeated Nigeria in Federal High Court in Umuahia where Nigeria Govt was obligated to release him pay compensation and make public apology to him on three daily news papers for bringing war to his father's palace with the aim to assassinate him which is the reason why he narrowly escaped then fled for his life. 

"The UN working Group on Arbitrary arrest and illegal detention agreed that MAZI NNAMDI KANU in not a terrorist, that he was kidnapped, disappeared and tortured for 8 days in Kenya before being Extraordinarily  Rendition by the Nigerian Government (International crime), therefore arrived at opinion that MNK should be released unconditionally, reinstated and compensated failure which would attract consequences.

*On his  desires*

"My desires are that Nigeria should:

1. release MNK unconditionally

2. De-proscribe IPOB 

3. Suspend the 2023 Election 

4. Conduct Referendum for Biafra, other indigenous Nations and Terrorists in the North that agitates with gun.

Things could get worse if people are continuously ignored."

That is Mazi Chigbu, we thank him for this elaborate epistle


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