The Story Of Ezesinachi Sunrise Nwagbo : The Young Africa's Philanthropist Who Built A Bridge & Roads For His Community

 Philanthropist Today: 

" The spirit of Self-giving is the most beautiful thing in the universe. In it ,life rises to the highest level -  Mike Cerutti Osagie

He means different things to different people. He is simply known as Chief Sunrise Destiny Nwagbo and only recently the people of his community honoured him with a magnificent title of Ezesinachi 1 of Umu-Lolo of Okigwe local Government in Imo State

In an exclusive interview with him recently, he confided in us what the title meant

In his words " Ezesinachi simply means true wealth and kingship comes from God,not by human power or effort but from God"

Explaining what must have  prompted the honour on him,he revealed he has for long wept how he saw the plight of his community suffering with bad roads and doing business with neighboring community

" So late last year when I saw what how the people of Umougodi village and Umuoleche village suffered from bad roads network,I was led by God to construct a bridge and steady road network for them 

" Aside that , I also opened a borehole for my community people in Umuoleche village of Imo State"

The bridge and road that he sponsored and donated , according to him is not for any special   politically induced reason

" I am not a politician, I am a contended and self made business man, my donations is will of God to my people, because of my age long believe that it is more Honourable to give than recieve and the art of giving open more doors"

A well travelled international business man, Ezesinachi is the chairman & CEO of the famous S.O Madu Ventures Ltd , dealers in large scale household accessories & household equipments which was establish as far back as 2015

In conclusion,he pledge that he will not stop giving to his community and people in need both home and abroad because it is his simple way to express gratitude to God who was took him out of shadows of poverty to life of business success

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