Weekend Classical Read: Politician & Sports Buff, Akinwunmi Ambode Speaks Ardently Why Today's Youths Must Get Actively Involved In Sports

" A healthy body is a healthy mind " - Mike Cerutti Osagie Akinwunmi Ambode,
The distinguished Nigerian politician who served as Governor of Lagos State from 2015 to 2019 and who before then was a civil servant for 27 years and a financial consultant before running for public office, can also be described as a Robust sports fancier He is indeed so passionate about it and was recently spotted at the new turf wicket of the Cricket Oval in Tafawa Balewa Square Lagos, which was inaugurated last week after a recent upgrade to advance the development of the game of cricket in Nigeria.
The ex Governor was seen full of excitement because This is a game he played when he was much younger and is today preaching to our youths to embrace not only the soft life skills especially discipline that cricket and other sports teach as they are critical to success in any life endeavour. Speakibg to World industry leaders Magazine ( W.I.L) the energetic Ambode stressed the importance of sports in general to the younger generation of today • The importance of sports to our youths of today can not be overemphasize.... Today, young people face many temptations to lead a sedentary lifestyle. And far too many do fall into this trap. Technology use by kids is on the rise, while time spent outdoors is decreasing. Just one in three children participate in daily physical activity. How can we keep our youths and little one's from lapsing into inactivity? Signing them into sports program can help them develop good health and positive habits. Even a one day per week of regular exercise can be beneficial. Kids who play sports have lower body fat, stronger muscles and bones, and increased cardiovascular fitness. They have a much lower risk of becoming overweight or obese. And they can create a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Again sports can help our youths to Improve Academic Potential because many young people who pursue sports have a strong self-concept and are very goal driven. These positive qualities can carry over into the classroom. In fact, several studies have found a link between youth sports and academic success. One study found that a large percentage of athletes reported achieving an “A” average in school. Student athletes were far more likely to have strong educational and career goals as well.
Finally another key benefit is that sports can help them to Face and Overcome Challenges,for the benefits of youth sports participation extend beyond the field, court, or arena. Through playing sports, our youths can learn to make quick decisions and work as a team. These positive qualities will serve them well in future careers,for the disappointmenough experiences in sports can help young people build resilience that stays with them well into adulthood. ~ That is the sports loving Akinwunmi Ambode for you today *Advertisements
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