Leadership In Focus : Technocrat, businessman & Politician Mazi Ohuabunwa Proffers 7 Road Map For Your 2022 Success Story

" The best way to predict the future is to creat one"~ Sir Abraham Lincoln , one time USA President


He needs little or no introduction before taking his place of pride in the hall of fame of Africa's great achievers

He is Mazi Samuel Iheanyichukwu Ohuabunwa OFR, MON, NPOM, KSC, the highly revered  Nigerian pharmacist, politician and business executive.

He is the founder and former CEO of Neimeth Pharmaceutical.  He was the former president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria and now convenor The New Nigerian Group ( A strong political organization also known as NNG)

Only recently a 3 man team of World industry leaders ( W.I.L ) Magazine tracked him down for an exclusive interview where he spoke on his 7 secret to success for all ambitious mortals,enjoy it

• Power of Vision

The power of vision cannot be overemphasize, you must have clear cut vision of where you coming from and where you want to go

Sadly many lack vision, they fail to note what the Bible says that ' Without vision the people perish'

So if you want to be successful in this new year and beyond you must have your vision well written down"

• Power of Planing

Who has ever hit success without good planning? Sadly many wake up daily with no plan of action for the day,they fail to understand that failing to plan is tantamount to planning to fail 

Everything good in life is as a result of good planning

• Hardworking Mentality

Nothing pays than hard work, and this is my life's guiding philosophy.

Some want quick quick success and miracle from God,but fail to work hard,such wishes are nothing but a mirage for even our God worked tirelessly for 6 days and only rested on the seventh day 

• Importance of Integrity

The importance of honesty and having very decent morals cannot be overemphasize

Many want to be successful but care less of their integrity

Having integrity means that you live in accordance to your deepest values, you're honest with everyone, and you always keep your word. Integrity is a highly valued trait, especially in leaders and future champions

• Be armed with courage

One factor lacking among many people today is lack of strong courage

Many want to be successful but lack total courage, they are experts in giving up and calling it quit after any slight obstacle

So if you really want good success in the new year,make absolute courage your watch word from today 

• Passion is life

Passion is life, sadly many lack passion in their calling 

This is big road block to success. 

And when you are doing something that you love, you become happier and more fulfilled....that is pure passion

And when you are happy and fulfilled, you tend to deliver a better job. You don't complain about work. You don't blame others when things go wrong,so those who crave genuine success must be very passionate in life

• Reverence God

Finally to succeed and win big in life, you must hold God in very high esteem day in day out

King David is a perfect example of whom we must emulate, he sinned a couple of times, but rather than shy from God,he kept praising God

How many of us can do such?

Most of us all we do is ask ask and ask God

What do we do for Him?

True success is working hard and committing all you do to God, but remember if you pray all day and all night and fail to work hard ,you will end up as a failure

~ That is Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa for you ,we thank him most sincerely for the classic 7 secret of his success

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