SPECIAL BRANDFocus ...Meet The Property Developer, Philanthropist / Business Monument Called Murphy Osuala Walters & His vision For the future

 Murphy Osuala  Walters  & His vision For the future

By Mike Cerutti Osagie

A lot has no doubt been said of Chief Dr Murphy Osuala Walters, the Lagos based businessman who runs the MPL homes luxury business

Nicknamed The National Lord of Japan, this writer first met him in Togo a while ago when the European American University ( EAU) Dominican Republic decorated him with a honorary Degree in business Administration

In this rare exclusive audience, he  spoke in his business and vision for the future. Its our end of year bonanza ,Happy reading and best wishes for the new year

Question 1.

May we please know   how you started this business?



commenced operations as a registered firm in the year 2013, with a clear vision and mission for effective operations. Since its commencement,  the firm has been constructing infrastructural projects and building homes at different locations, for a modern mechanism of real estate business and engagements. The firm started its operations with formidable and purpose-driven  leadership structure and highly-committed and goal-achieving- oriented staff. 

Question 2:

At the onset, what was the outlook like? Did you anticipate to be a big player in this sector when you decided to venture into it?

Answer:  Yes, as a matter of foresight and positive aspiration, at the onset I anticipated to be a big player in this sector, and the outlook then was of the frame of optimism.

Question 3:

In a country where government was supposed to drive the real estate development, or at the very least, provide guarantees for funding, how have you been faring, given the cost of credit in the Nigerian financial system?

Having effective and consistent assessment of the real estate industry with respect to the effect of the participation and provisions of the government on it, has been a viable tool that MPL EMPIRE HOMES AND CONSTRUCTION LTD. has hitherto utilized in progressively faring, especially with a comprehension of the realities that stem from the cost of credit in the Nigerian financial system. We also ensure that we engage A list clients  via superlative service of excellence, integrity, and timely-delivery.

Question 4:

Premium Pricing powered by branding is key driver of urban real estate. How do you readily achieve this, given the paucity of the middle-to-upper class segment in Nigeria?


Our business is absolutely of luxury. We embellish our products and services with a high-level luxurious appeals to potential clients, with a commensurate consideration of their economic reality in  pricing-mechanism that can be attractive. On this, we ensure there is enormous presentation of urban real estate satisfaction in the standards of packages. We also ensure that clients of the middle-to-upper class segment fit into the order, to enable holistic, categorical participations in real estate business.

On STAFF Perspective

# At MPL home's luxury, we are not interested in efforts but interested in result

We have knack and eye's for staff and mañ.powers who are ready to  squeeze water out of stone, hence we are result oriented than talks and efforts

#2 We have no problem with Omo onile...we play our social service responsibilities till the latest and all the community's know we mean well for them and all / sundry

#3 We have always attracted A list clients in view of our mission & vision in business

That is ...

MPL Empire Homes and Construction Limited’s attracts & maintain her A list clients via 


Being the best in what we do



Honesty in all our dealings with our clients



Thoroughness in achieving excellence in the marketplace and

meeting the needs of our clients



-Centric Commitment

Creating bonds with all our client by seeking to exceed their

expectations at all times

#5.. The place of advertising can't be undermined, online offline etc. No business thrive without advertising, and like the America's will say " doing business without advertising is like winking to a girl in dark ...only you know what you doing, the lady or anyone else do not know

* Vivid Description of Mpl

MPL Empire Homes and Construction Limited is

a world

class construction, building, and real estate company

that provides exquisite homes and work spaces with

excellent functionality to discerning individuals, families

and corporates

. We strive to continuously innovate and

exceed the expectations of our clients and stakeholders


Our business is firmly rooted in integrity, professionalism,

and client service excellence

. We reward innovation,

competence, and diligence

. We excel in respect for

people and ethical behavior

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"It is luxury that takes us from ordinary to extraordinary"


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