Philanthropy Today...... AIT Founder, Raymond Dokpesi Gets Rare Accolade's From Catholic Community

• The highly respected Master words smith and inspirational czar extraordinarily, James Allen once wrote

" Rectify your heart and you will rectify your life through love,purity, gentleness, meekness, compassion, generosity, selflessness and the likes - all these are wealth and power money can't buy ,but comes through purity of the heart "

Such cannot be far from the man called  High Chief Raymond Anthony Aleogho Dokpesi  Nigerian media entrepreneur  from Agenebode, Edo state who is the force behind the wave making company DAAR Communications and  the TV network Africa Independent Television (AIT)

While many publishers and chairmen of TV stations set up their station to make big money, Dokpesi last Sunday received rare accolades from the Catholic church community who described him as a worthy servant of God

Speaking on Dokpesi virtues, Rev Mike Oboh of the Abuja Catholic church of Assumption told The World industry leaders Magazine ( W.I.L) thus:

" Dokpesi is a blessing to us, he does things that silently lead's many to want to serve God

" He gives us free slots every Sunday to air our program and very early in the morning Catholic organizations programs are aired for a very inexpensive rates


" We bless Dokpesi for this and for all his charitable works and pray God to grant him more best years ahead in sound health and prosperity " 

~ Big ups to the AIT boss and his team also for their landmark 25 consistent year's in TV /Radio broadcasting!

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