Marriott's Lagos.....A word smith's 1st Impression: So Enchanting


SPECIAL BRAND FOCUS...Marriott's At Night!

• It is good to visit enchanting cities and enchanting places, life is all about enchantment and I love enchanting scenes- 

By Mike Cerutti


I could not make the opening ceremony event of Marriott's hotel

Lagos a short while ago despite receiving two invites,in view of my tight schedule then up north

So it was only natural for me to be excited to be  there live last night

This is big pride for Lagos the hotel is top notch, decent and above average services

In company of flamboyant business tycoon, author & philanthropist  High chief Abimbola Aboderin & our team, we had great business  session with queen of networking Gladys Alex-Etim

Afterwards, I requested and was shown round Lagos Marriott's hotel in G.R.A by management

It was memorable picturesque √

Best wishes in good business of luxury to the hotel

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