Bernard Enyia..The man who tirelessly fights Diabetes Day & Nights Wants African Government to Fight More For Diabetes Patience

Diabetes is no doubts one of the world's deadliest ailments is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high. Blood glucose is your main source of energy and comes from the food you eat.

 Only recently, World industry leaders ( W.I.L ) magazine subsidiary platform, Cerutti Humanitarian Units  was honoured to encounter Comrade Bernard Enyia ,the secretary General Diabetes Association of Nigeria and member of world Blue circle network body. He shared his thoughts with us,enjoy it...

• On how Government can help in war against Diabetes


A:There is need To formulate a policy or pass a Bill in the national Assembly to reduce the quantity of sugar in consumable products by imposing 5 to 10% excise duty tax on companies producing Sugar sweetened beverages (SSB), and then channel such funds towards Diabetes national response to provide free blood sugar test and treatment of people living with Diabetes, obesity and other related non communicable diseases in Nigeria. 

• On how corporate health companies can help.

A: Companies producing Sugar sweetened beverages should be mandated to label their products with warning signs of the danger of consuming such products.

Diabetes jingles and promos should fill the air waves and social media with prevention and lifestyle modification messages at all times

• On role of top Govt officials wife's..

 A: First Ladies* of Executive Governors should take Diabetes diseases as their pet projects to create impact while their husbands tenure last. The pet projects can attract funding from foreign donors to scale up interventions to hard to reach and underserved Communities.

The Federal ministry of health should send secular mandating the state commissioners to appoint Desk officers for Diabetes and other non communicable diseases

• On advice to persons affected by Diabetes..

 A: Persons living with*Diabetes

 are the best doctors for Diabetes as such should be empowered by insulin producing drug companies to form support groups and network of people living with Diabetes and build their capacity on self care management of Diabetes 

Diabetes Association of Nigeria should be given technical Support and build their capacity to oversee all Diabetes activities in Nigeria, they should be empowered to generate quantitative and qualitative data through screening and engaged policy makers to develop strategic policy frameworks.

 *People with Diabetes should be engaged in policy development and implementation to give coordinated feedbacks to health care practitioners on treatment regimes and adverse drug reactions

( We thank him for the valuable advice)

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