THE GRASS to GRACE SERIES: Lydia Okojie .....From Street Trader To Africa's Fast Rising TV Brand CEO

" Despise Not the days of small beginnings "- Holy Bible 

By Mike Cerutti Osagie

From time memorial till is often postulated that True devotion and humility is when you carelessly allow yourself to fall in love with things you consider will make you look inferior, which in essence, makes you superior.”

Indeed... The ascent from grass to grace is a glorious cruise but the descent is a traumatic bruise.

The story of the young beauty Queen called Lydia Okojie is no doubt one of your typical grass to Grace epic

From “Grass to Grace” is a common term, generally used to describe a movement from a lower rank of one's status to a higher level

And while many today may be ashamed of their days of small ugly  beginnings; not so for Lady Okojie who is the President of the wave making Lydia TV

Do you know while growing up, she was on the streets.. Selling all manners of foodstuffs for her mother in Benin city and even supported her school fees selling the local drink called zobo

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From there ,she moved to the pageant world, won few beauty competitions and now into cakes manufacturing, events planning and today one of Nigeria's most sought after professional red carpet hostess which metamorphosed into Lydia TV

No doubt ,this story reminds us of that of super lady Oprah Winfrey who at just 23 was fired as a TV reporter but never whined or gave up

For Okojie ,she has a word for our youths of today " Never be ashamed  to trade. It is biblical ,for me I rather trade on some goods than beg men for money, I rather start small ,save and grow,every one got a gift from God, try to identify it ,be focus on your dreams and watch God do His miracle ,but we must move first and not be idle


~ No doubt, this young Uromi,( Ekpoma ) Edo Lady much be watch in years to come

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