Africa & The Drive For Affordable Healthcare For All : The Lagos State Vision Of Health For All Unveiled...

Only last weekend, the much anticipated Africa Healthcare  Summit - a  professionally curated with dedicated sessions to provide interactions and connections with other healthcare professionals, learn about best practices - was staged at the bustling city of Lagos inside the imposing Orientals Hotel ,Lekki Lagos

 During the most historic event,several papers  ,speeches and documents on health where presented to the general public

Among the keynote speakers was 

Dr. Giwa Zainab , a graduate of College of Medicine, University of Lagos and an assistant focal person cancer Control Coordination Lagos State.

She stood in on behalf of Lagos state health commissioner of health, Professor Akin Abayomi and delivered a most impacting paper  ,which the World industry leaders magazine is delighted to produce to our global readers today, please enjoy the most robust paper


I bring greetings from the Executive Governor of Lagos State, the Honorable Commissioner for Health for Lagos State and the Permanent Secretary Lagos State Ministry Health.

I welcome you all to Lagos State, the Centre of Excellence, the rising mega city and economic nerve center of Nigeria.

I trust you have all been having a fantastic time and enjoying the amazing “EKO Hospitality” be it in our nerve wrecking and sometimes hilarious traffic jams, the burst of colors, lively entertainment and matchless vibes of Lagos, all culminating in unique experiences and making Lagos a world-class destination as it always has everything to offer everybody.

At the outset, let me express my sincere appreciation being invited as a guest and having the opportunity to say a few words at the 2021 Zenith Global Health Awards and Summit.


For centuries, communicable diseases have been the biggest threat to public health. Then came the vaccines, the miracle cures, and the gradual improvements in standards of living and hygiene that have contributed significantly to the success achieved so far in combating these diseases.

However, the world has experienced a paradigm shift over the decades with Non Communicable Diseases gradually becoming public health emergencies across nations all over the world and require a concerted effort with all stakeholders on board to tackle them.

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as Diabetes and Cancers represent a major threat to human health, well-being and development even in the modern world. About 60% of all deaths globally and 80% deaths in lower and middle income countries are attributed to NCDs. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that total deaths from non-communicable diseases are expected to increase by 17% during the next 10 years. 

NCDs are linked with the

combination of several genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors; such as smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, unhealthy and improper diets and a general sedentary lifestyle. They constantly threaten progress towards achieving the Development Goals. 

Poverty is directly connected with NCDs in the developing countries. The rapid increase in NCDs is likely to obstruct poverty alleviation plans and initiatives especially in low-income countries as it will increase the average healthcare costs of a household. In low-resource countries, health-care costs for NCDs, such as cardiovascular diseases and cancers, can easily reduce household savings, driving families into poverty.

The burden is indeed numerous and the challenge of combating chronic diseases has some unprecedented dimensions. It is expensive and strains our already overburdened health systems, diverting scarce resources from other important development priorities.

The rise of chronic non-communicable diseases presents every nation’s public health with an enormous challenge. For some countries, it is no exaggeration to describe the situation as an impending disaster. A disaster for health, for society, and most of all for national economies.

The Lagos State Government is resolute in ensuring that Lagosians are appropriately empowered to become responsible for their health and well-being and take all necessary precautions to ensure that they are actively involved in the fight against non-communicable diseases in the State. Health is a major focus and a vital agenda of the Lagos State Government T.H.E.M.E.S. Agenda. 

The overall aim of this present administration is to prevent and reduce the burden of cancers through awareness, early detection and prompt treatment of those affected as these are key to a favorable outcome. 

The role of awareness creation, information sharing, health education and promotion cannot be overemphasized. These are very essential. If the citizenry are adequately and appropriately informed, they are more likely to make more informed decisions with regards their health and well-being.

The State Government has also put in place all requisite health care resources that would be required to assist in doing this such as Primary healthcare facilities, general hospitals and LAUSTH and these have been appropriately staffed with highly skilled healthcare providers and adequately equipped to address the NCD management needs of Lagosians including cancers ranging from screening to diagnosis and management of these diseases.

Another responsive initiative put in place to improve the well-being of the citizenry is the Lagos State Health Scheme (LSHS) the State health insurance package with an annual individual cost of =N=8,500 and a cost of =N=40,000 for a family of 6.

I must at this juncture especially appreciate the magnanimity of Mr. Governor and his visionary leadership in taking the State to greater heights. 

However, it is very essential for us all to know that Government cannot do it alone but together as a united force, we can equally tackle the menace of cancers and other non-communicable diseases like we did other diseases that have reared their heads to threaten the well-being of the citizenry. We do acknowledge the massive efforts of all stakeholders who have played their requisite roles at bridging the gap in this fight.

Non communicable diseases are not seen as one of the glamorous diseases that enjoy a lot of donor and implementing partner and international support. Nevertheless, the devastating consequences of not promptly reigning in NCDS has resulted in an unwanted and undesirable reality where even the younger demography are increasingly being affected. 

There still remains so much more to be done in reaching the man on the streets as mortalities and morbidities associated with NCDs is no respecter of persons. 

Let’s put all hands on deck from the government to the citizens, from the academia/researcher to the healthcare provider, from the pharmaceuticals to the HMOs, from the development/implementing partners to the private sector, from the professional /regulatory bodies to the training institutions:

We need to increase awareness, health education and health promotion.

We need to improve the reach and coverage of routine screening, prompt diagnosis and treatment of NCDs.

We need to provide rehabilitative services for NCDs

We need to improve the management outcomes of NCDs. 

We must reduce the mortality and morbidity attributed to NCDs, this is a call we all cannot but heed to.

Let’s all play our requisite and necessary roles and reign in the scourge of NCDs.

Thank you and God bless.


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