Right Of Self Opinion: Of Tinubu's Food Gifts & Our Arm chair Critics ...Part 1

By  Mike Cerutti Osagie, 

Abuja Nigeria

" It is better to compliment than criticize " this was a quote by former USA President, Sir Donald John Trump ,whose 100 sayings I collated and turned to a book long before he became President of world's greatest Nation

This  quote today best fits the many arm chair critics today who have gone to town speaking ill of His Excellency, Sen Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu whose special branded rice was seen recently giving free to families in far north

For the record, let it be stated categorically that this word smith  is not one of the Asiwaju's spin DR's.. PR agents  or paid consultants; neither have I  ever  applied for an audience with him

But I admire his courage and humanitarian deeds! Last Christmas, about 22nd December 2020, he gave out rice,gifts, foodstuffs & cash to many homes to help them enjoy Christmas

Today, he is touching lives of many disadvantaged home's in North, shouldn't we commend him than criticize him? Even the Holy Books says " It is more blessed to give than receive " 

Asiwaju must be complimented, not attacked by our people !

• To be continued....

Osagie~ the African humanitarian writer of the year is also a young published author cum Image, brand& Reputation consultant

He has never hidden the fact that Tinunbu is a classical political science case study the Young student's of politics must understudy

His last piece in defense of The Jagaban was published AT world industry leaders magazine



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