CONGRATULATION! National Award glory: Ghana Minister of States Hon.Rashid Pelpuo, wins Big, Feted with Golden Honors Award.

 2021 marks the seventh year of the Ghanain ICF Honors Portrait Awards -.

Thus far, the Award of Prestige has been won by many Ghanain heads of states and others Dignitaries across the globe.

This weekend the Initiator of Change Foundation Awards, honoured distinguished Ghanain, Honorable Dr. Rashid Pelpuo, with his own giant "Gold Portrait", to reward him for his decades of dedication towards the Ghanaian community. 

Dr. Honorable R.Pelpuo has expressed how touched he is to join others dignitaries in winning such a Prize of Excellence.

As the former Minister of State of Ghanaand a current Member of Parliament for Wa Central constituency in the Upper West Region of Ghana, who holds a PhD. in Development Policy from the University of Ghana, in African Studies, Honorable Rashid Pelpuo is a well-respected Politician and a true Gentleman, whose Peaceful and Humble character has set him apart from many.

He has achieved Giant strides to date, and this award comes to no surprise amongst his political supporters, who have re-elected him for another 4 years just this past December 2020.

The winning entries were chosen by a panel of MPs, Peers, and independent judges, who were unanimously impressed by the work of Dr. Hon. Pelpuo is doing to connect with his community with the Ghana Parliament and democracy.

In this concept of sharing, that the Foundation considers the achievement of any citizen or citizens should be celebrated by all Ghanaians. It is on the grounds of this conviction and in accordance with the Foundation objective of identifying outstanding individuals whose leadership - skills in various fields of human endeavor in re-shaping societal values and principles, along the lines of economic empowerment that the Initiators of Change Foundation has instituted this noble award.


The "Lifetime in a Portrait Award" is an initiative of Initiators of Change Foundation (ICF) aimed at discovering and celebrating distinguished individuals from various backgrounds with the prime goal of engendering social cohesion, unity, patriotism, role modeling, and national development. Undoubtedly, Ghana is well endowed with natural and human resources, which can be harnessed to accelerate and acknowledged that the development of the country is a collective responsibility of all the citizens.

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