Prolific Sunday People ..Meet the Philantropist Called Aare Segun Peters & His Business Conglomerate Called Peacock

"Blessed are the peacemakers,for they will see God "- Beatitudes By Mike Cerutti Osagie ( Africa's most Outstanding Humanitarian writer ) JUST LIKE CANDLES Indeed ! "Yes, it is said that some people are just like candles,they burn themselves all out to provide light for others" *TODAY at our Prolific people segment, we present the story of Aare Peter's, chairman & CEO Peacock Group of companies He is said to be a tireless giver of Hope to the hopeless and have supported many widows, orphans and poor student with Grant's to finish their educational pursuit Only recently, he was also on ground as a major supporter cum sponsor at the recently staged Brush online cartoons competition " I was not born with silver or golden spoon, my story is grass to Grace, so since God decided to favour me to now established Peacock group of companies, I vowed to see I also contribute to the rise up of many youths and disadvantaged poor in our society today " he postulated in a revert chat with World industry leaders international magazine humanitarian segment
•Brief Spotlight On one of his subsidiary company, Peacock Aviation Peacock Travel & Tours is a leader in the Travel Management Industry geared towards providing high quality, enhanced services for travellers. They have the ability to administer a Company-wide travel policy with exceptional data management capability.
Their purposes driven, goals oriented and hard-core dedicated staff within a proactive and responsive Management structure is second to none in the Industry. They operate bearing in mind combinations of low transaction cost with enhanced service level, effective technology solution to optimize objective performance and creative strategies to guide travelers to the point of mutual market share attainment.
Peacock Travel is a well-established Travel Management Company, equipped with modern facilities to meet the needs of the traveling public. Peacock Travels commenced operation in June 1997 and became IATA licensed operator as at 1999. Our operational scope extended internationally to Pretoria, South Africa as at 2010 and London, United Kingdom as at 2012 while we currently
operate own offices across five key commercial cities in Nigeria namely: Lagos Island, Lagos Mainland, Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Abuja.
Asked of their Vision,the amiable chairman said " We aim to be the best that we can be in the Travel Industry, with Integrity, Initiative, and Dependability, with passion for service excellent delivery " We also aim to become one of the topmost profitable Travel Management Company within the Travel and Tourism sector of the industry by employing ethical and professional standard towards satisfying our numerous customers needs" That is Aare Segun Peter's for you today
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