High Rate Of Africans Youths Involvement In Fraud, crime & Prostitutions ....Global Youth Leader cum Businesswoman, Amb Adams Proffer Solutions

By Mike Cerutti Osagie

"Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind. You are as old as your doubt, your fear, your despair. The way to keep young is to keep your faith young. Keep your self-confidence young. Keep your hope young"

A Nigerian born global youths leader, big stage conference speaker ,publisher and business lady, Ambassador Lois Otse Adams last night lamented over the high cyber crimes rate and open light prostitution currently practiced by many youths across Africa

Speaking in an exclusive interview with world industry leaders international magazine, the highly respected Edo born lady proffered few way out

 In her words 

"Most Nigerian Youths I have come across in recent times are depressed and in dire need of moral and spiritual support,this lured them to untold crimes

 "Naturally a youths is wired to be vibrant in every area; have the capability to explore any untapped area and strength to accommodate any challenge life may throw at them. 

"Those who chose to go into undesirable and destructive ventures like fraud, cyber crimes, prostitution must be going through some various depressive stages; and they need to be encouraged, they need to be healed, they need to be inspired by us, the strong ones, to make them start focusing on the positive side of life.

"They need to know that life can be sweeter with that little resource one earns from a genuine, legitimate and reliable  business. We won't leave them because they are our hope"

Asked why are many youths so depressed today,she opined

" Some are so depressed, according to them in view of the poor economic state of our  continent, especially  the Nigerian's situation which is somehow   deteriorating on a daily basis no jobs, no business 

"Instead of going into fraud, cyber crimes or prostitution, they can venture into politics and do well, online marketing of their businesses is another area"

Using herself as case study ,she stated " I sell my products through online marketing, they can champion a cause of making Nigeria great again and people will key  into it. 

"As an adult, though still a youth, in spite of my major expertise, writing, editorials and Publishing, in addition, championing a literary club where we groom young adults in schools, and also, being a civil servant, I have learnt many skills like, hair-making, baking of snacks/chops and these are areas and many more the youths should explore and be respected in what they do. I make and save good money annually from hair-making, wig making, I make my Daughters' hair, I make chops for my family and my children love me more, I also make chops for parties, they rake in extra incomes. I don't stay idle, I don't have time to make unnecessary calls or chats, there is no such time to waste."

 • Problems of Today's youths


According to Amb Adams "There is one thing that makes many of today's youths  shy away from hand work...pride!

" And this is demonic. How can I be seen making chops?  but I,  Lois Adams, makes chops, hair, and my wigs have gone to various countries and I am still selling.

" I also sell Oriflame Cosmetics, makeup and Body Care, yet I am a star in my Profession. I am a renowned author,  Publisher, and consultant, who  consults for Residences on book projects and I spend days in luxury environments, founded several youths based Organizations, invited  for media interviews, and  same time I have learnt  many skills; which has enabled me stand tall ,hold my head high without begging  and live well at all times.

"Begging, making demands, going into prostitution, cyber crimes or whatever haven't helped anyone nor the society. The youths have to wake up, their hands  are needed on the deck to enable them develop the country"

To this end,  she make's a passionate appeal to youths across Africa

" I urge the youths to stay focus, shot out evil devices, work hard and trust God " - Amb Lois Otse Adams 

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  1. She has said it all, I really hope that we the youth will put our pride aside and get busy with relevant jobs that speak good about us and make our country proud


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