Meet the International Businessman Called Emmanuel Oluoha & His Multiple stream's of Income Top Tips

" Cast your bread upon many waters for thou shall find it many days after " ~Ecclesiastics of  King Solomon 

Special tribute by Mike Cerutti Osagie

A lot has no doubt been said of the international businessman called Emmanuel Oluoha, who no doubt means different thing to different people

For example, he has always love the good life and was nicknamed " Boogyman" while growing up and he ended up setting up a very vibrant night club called ARMNI Lounge

But that is not his only line of business, he thrives on multiple streams of income

For the records ; having multiple streams of income means that a person is receiving income from several residual or passive income streams at once. Residual or passive income is income that a person earns without directly putting in work. ... These are often referred to as multiple streams of income.

And that is Oluoha for you ..he is into pharmaceuticals and is chairman/ CEO Klat Ltd producers of Ginklat

He loves good luxurious style of living and runs an interior decoration brand's

He is also into oil and minerals resources business in additional to having his hands into constructions business

Last night he marked his 2020 birthday on Christmas day and was magnanimous to give today's global youths this piece of advice on multiple streams of income

Hear him : " I was not born with silver spoon, but from day one I told myself I  won't want to end as an average mortal or failure, so the only way out is work, work and spread my hands in several pies "


On this ,he told World industry leaders international magazine that " Multiple stream's of income is no longer a luxury but necessity, our youths must start thinking of it at their Young age

" Even from their bedroom or from their phone they can create multiple streams of income, it all depend on your skill,passion or God giving knowledge, we all got a gift or two from our creator God,so don't waste precious time lamenting and blaming government, be focus and turn your passion or talent to business " he divulged to us

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