TV Personality ,Moji Danisa Speaks Passionately on the Raymond Dokpesi Brand of Philantrophy

" It is never a good idea to judge a book by it's cover "

A lot has no doubt been said about the business mogul and the founder of the renowned African Independent Television ( AIT)

Indeed , Raymond Anthony Aleogho Dokpesi ,the  media entrepreneur from Agenebode, who  entered the Nigerian mass media industry with his company DAAR Communications and set-up the Nigerian TV network Africa Independent Television (AIT) means different things to different people

But in an exclusive interview with World industry leaders international magazine online, top continental female journalist cum TV personality Moji Danisa spoke glowingly on the man Dokpesi

" He is my mentor and chief benefactor and I can't deny it

" People that speaks ill of him do not know him, I make bold to say that he favoured by God and live a life of Godliness ..a man who is very forgiving, bears no grudges even to those who hurts or betrays him in past

"'He has saved many lives by giving them a credible platform to  creat a sound future, and I am one of such

" I was founding staff of AIT but on several time's I have walked out on him/ AIT ,yet anytime I returned he welcomes me back with his two warm hands,this attitude is very rare among Africans, beyond that, Dokpesi is not one to watch anybody suffers;that you can see  by all the sick and needy having free air slot on AIT, that's his rare way of doing philanthropic works " she postulated

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