Versatile Angela Osuji , Speaks Passionately On Her Thoughts Provoking TV Program: Economy Watch...And How Sienne Allwell-Brown Inspired Her Vision!

" The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams "- Oprah Winfrey


The globally revered word ' Icon' can be describe  as a  sign or representation that stands for its object by virtue of a resemblance or analogy to it

And our subject matter today is no doubt an  icon of womanhood. a lady  that is revered or idolized by all and sundry

 Little wonder, lady Angela Christopher Osuji, the force behind the hit TV program ' Economy Watch ' which has been running on air for about a decade now,has named legendary TV super star, Sienne Allwell-Brown as her role model and inspirational light 

This is not a big surprise as Sienne Allwell - Brown has consistently remains among the  pack of glamorous newscasters on the NTA network then and even now.

 Sienne has an impeccable dress sense and aura. She distinguished herself as a great professional thus stealing the heart of viewers with her clear diction and personal style. 

And now, after so many years of doing what she knows best, Allwell-Brown despite bidding goodbye to the cameras is still very much in the news 

Asked why she chose Allwell - Brown as her role model, Lady Osuji told World Leader's magazine online  ( Business segment) her standing point 

"All-well Brown has always been my best Newscaster till date. I like her because of her special way of casting her news.

" Her look was the main attraction for me, that aggressive look of her when ever she was casting her news, was the in thing for me, it really called my attention. Even as a little girl who hardly understand what she was saying but I was highly attracted to her simply because of that her no

nonsense look. Her newscasting time is a moment of no joke for her, that was what her looks tells me and l love her for that and I bless God that her Grace and talent have led us  to where we are  on TV with this great :program : Economic Watch " she highlighted

Speaking to us on the objective of  TV program Economic Watch , she divulged

"Economy Watch's key 

Objective is  Just to educate the populace on the importance of the various macroeconomic policies and the impact they may have on the economic growth and the standard of living.

On their Target audience,she revealed " Business ICON's, top government officials like Governors etc are whom we plan to continuously project  and sure sure, there are huge benefits for our sponsors; They stand to benefit enormously from the program through the education of the public on their activities. 

"For the private sectors guests, opportunities are given to them to highlight their new products and services------ or revamps of existing products.

" For the public sector, like the Governors and DG, ES, MD's of federal agencies, we give opportunity to use the graphics of their projects and programs to carry their stories, we have done extensive research and we set to see ' Economy Watch make a lasting and meaningful impact on air " she postulated 


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