Nigeria @ 60 Special Series...Abayomi Alao:Young Hotelier & Business Mogul Pays Tribute to Nigeria, says " Nigeria Will be Great Again"

 As the celebration of Nigeria's

diamond jubilee continues in loud historical settlings, a young Nigerian born business tycoon and hotelier's, Prince Abayomi Alao CEO of Maria's hotel chains has called on all Nigerians at home and abroad not to give up hope on Nigeria

Speaking last night to World Leaders in his imposing Jos hotel branch, Alao stated

" We have more to celebrate than lament; Nigeria has passed through many storms and near wars, but we are still standing strong and soaring

" This country is blessed, our storm is only temporal, all we need to do is to keep praying for Nigeria and our leaders; they have conscience and I can assure you that soon the desired change will come

Using his story as case study, he revealed

" I was not born with any silver spoon, I arrived at my present business positions by divine Grace of God and sheer determined spirit, such is storylines of Nigeria, by God's Grace and determination, we will get to the promise land" he highlighted

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