SECRETS OF THE RICH @ SUCCESSFUL : Confession of A Billionaire's Daughter ,Cuppy Otedola


Femi Otedola Reacts To DJ Cuppy's Rolls Royce Phantom

" My father hates to see people suffer, hungry or Ill....My father ,from his youths days under 10 had started making his small money, shinning shoes of VIP who often comes to visit my grand father, Chief Michael Otedola, such money attitudes and love for independence money making took my dad to top of his game and most of his money he gives to needy, such is why I decide to set up Cuppy charity foundation..touch lives of those deeply in need "A SPECIAL ONLINE BOOK BONUS ON FINANCIAL FREEDOM TIPS FOR LITTLE CHILDREN,  AS TOLD BY MARILYN NWENE OJEHONMON
~ Words of Cuppy Otedola, as sourced by best selling word Smith & serial humanitarian addict, Czar


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