" It is Time Nigerian youths Start Thinking Outside The Box- TSSA Boss, Ibukun Kudu

Was it not the great  lady Maya Angelou who  once stated that
"  In  life,nothing works until you work it;"

And now, leading lawyer cum academician, Barr Ibukun Kudu, last night made a passionate appeal to global youths in general and Nigerians in particular to start  thinking less of always seeking for paid employment but rather strive to think outside the box and aim to be employees of labour while still in their prime

Using herself as a typical case study , Barrister Kudu admitted in her own words thus

" From the word go, I have never searched or desired to apply for a paid job ( employment)

" I have always wanted to be independent or to put it succinctly, a young entrepreneur

" And in truth ,since my after my university days and my calling to the Barr, I have never earned a salary from from any employees.

" From the go, I have always been on the wings aiming to be an entrepreneur "

And now, speaking specifically on her advice to the vast majority's of Nigerian youths, especially those lamenting over lack of paid employment, she gave this key advice

• Passion

" Our youths of today must critically look inside them and identity their prime passion, for we are all gifted by our creature, God with one gift or the other, using myself as case study, I realize long ago that I am grifted with abilities to impact knowledge to people and I made sure I maximized that gift to the later - you got something inside you, use it

•Not all about money

" Life is not all about money " she warned.. " Money must not be your priority in life, the law of entrepreneurial success is people first then money and things second

"So once you discover your purpose in life ,you must then identify what you must do with it that can be of favour to your life

" Indeed, it is time for our youths to to not only look inwards, but also time to think outside the box and reduce their crave for paid employment and rather strive to creat jobs as young CEO's for if  we are all looking for paid employment, what Bright future can we see ahead ?

" Let us rationalize this job seeking attitudes , while 50% are looking for paid employment, let the rest 50% be providing jobs as young entrepreneurs ,for that is the major key to our emancipation " she opined

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  1. Great words of advise to the youths and everyone out there we must know our passion towards the natural gift of potentials in us with this we can have a self empowerment for living a good life


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