Inspirational Classic... After Launching Two News Cars In One Day, amidst Covid-19,Iheoma Advises Today's Youths on Power Of Diligence In All Fronts

It is often said that behind every storms.. There lies some elements of silver lining

That adage finally came true last Sunday, when amidst shootings and whinings about ills of Covid -19,an Abuja based businessman and property mogul,  in person of Nnamdi Iheoma sensationally launched two brand new car's and decided to dedicate it before his church members ,well wishers and associates as for of thank you to God

Much later, World Leaders ( inspirational segment) caught up with him on his advice to today's youths and lesson to learn

" Well , as you can see, today I and my wife and family are thanking God for what he Has done again, Covid-19 can't stop God from blessing who He will bless

" But it was not an overnight or fly by nights success  .. I said this because the youths of today seems to want it now now now

" Life is about gradual progression and evolvement, as the saying goes ..Rome was not built-in one year

" So our youths must focus, be determined, have big dreams and put their ambition to actions or Else it will be just a mirage " he advised

Speaking on the constant cry of no jobs no jobs by today's youths, Iheoma who is also president,Joseph Store of  Redeem Christian

Church of Gods Men's Fellowship Group stated

" There is not much gain in paid employment, youths can think of becoming entrepreneurs, starting small with your passion or what you got at hand and then gradually growing big, but chief of all commit all you do to God, for without God  ,all we do will end in ruins " he advised

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