Harsh Reality Of Covid-19 Takes Its Toll..............As World Famous Brand, Brooks Brothers, files for bankruptcy

“It's better to burn out than to fade away.” ...

*World leader’s online magazine Publisher/Editor-In-Chief, Mike Cerutti Osagie,

in this brief but emotional piece, paints a sad photo of a fallen pretty brand
I was somehow pained this morning in my heart, when I saw in the  papers(and agency reports )that world famous brand, Brooks Brothers, the  high and up market classic Manhattan clothier, is filing for bankruptcy protection
What a strange news, this brand is huge brand with high quality items now filing for bankrupts ((of a person or organization) declared in law as unable to pay their debts.

A really touching news from a the company that says it’s dressed 40 U.S. presidents has survived two world wars and navigated the “casual Fridays” phenomenon and a loosening of dress standards even on Wall Street, but the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the 200-year-old firm into seeking Chapter 11 protection last night .
The virus-induced recession has cratered spending in most sectors of the economy and accelerated shifts in how and where people shop, mostly to the benefit of online retailers like Amazon and eBay. Online sales are up a sizable 31% from a year ago.

Brooks Brothers was one of the few national chains that produced its clothing in the U.S. In March, it shifted some production at plants in New York, North Carolina and Massachusetts to produce 150,000 masks per day for front-line health workers.

The New York company was founded in 1818, making it possibly the oldest clothier in the U.S………..
What pathetic news from such a pretty brand
 * A Brooks Brothers store on
Church Street in New York.


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