Many Years After Leaving Power...........Goodluck Jonathan's Secret To Greatness Unveiled

The Untold Side Of Goodluck Jonathan: A case study in MeeknessEx-president Jonathan visits Buhari in Aso Rock, declines comments ...

By Mike Cerutti Osagie 
One of the greatest king that ever lived, king Solomon warned in his gigantic epistle in proverbs that to be great, you do not need much ingredients!

His chief advice was based on  nothing but diligence. As he puts it: " Do you Find a man diligent in his work, He will serve before kings, not ordinary man "Ebi Shidi-Spiff 4 House of Reps 2011 - Posts | Facebook

Today,that can be said of the story of the former   Nigerians  head of state, Dr Good luck Ebele Jonathan GCFR , who has not stopped been in the news ever since he left power and now carving a strong niche as a foremost African peacemaker 

A lot has no doubt been said of the ex president, but what are his passions? What is the man's other side?

Cerutti Media & Books Inc ~ one of Africa's foremost secret of success writers encountered, king Ebi Shidi Spiff, CEO of AEI Logistics, who is  a Strong Jonathan subject, and  who once worked for the President as a domestic staff

Ebi Shidi-Spiff 4 House of Reps 2011 - Posts | Facebook

His first word was to tag the ex president as one of the most meek men he ever met  and armed with met meticulous attention to details 

For starters, the revered Oxford dictionary's description of meekness was arresting... Someone who is   calm, patient in long suffering, righteous, humble, teachable and calculated in silenceWe Would Strive To Break Down Barriers Against Women - Jonathan ...

To spiff ,this is who the ex president is,but there are more...

° DEEP Listener: " Unknown to many, the ability to listen more  than talk is Dr Jonathan strongest point, he tries to be calm and listen to anyone who come his way till the end"

°PASSIONATE reader: " Jonathan is avid reader who you will never  find idle,he often tells us to try and read books that are even not our field, that is his strong point, even insult on him in press by opposition he reads "

°Very forgiven: " It is no secret, neither is it  a hypocritical talk, Jonathan easily forgives. Many who stabbed him on back in past, when he got to power he forgave them all, once I asked him why? His reply was, let us do and talk like our master Jesus Christ "

° Simplified dresser : " As one time domestic man to him, I get many top global designers bringing stuffs for him to use, but I tell you, am yet to see a man as simple like him, I can count the number of times he wore a tie and suit, he just prefer out traditional woko, but Dr Jonathan is smart thinker, if he visits north,he dresses like Hausa, if he visits Yoruba,he dresses like them "

° Family man to core :" Take it from me, Jonathan has a hidden law, a man who do not love his family and create time to spend with them is not s man, he loves his wife and entire family to a fault "

° Sports (squash) aficionados " If you want to get the best of the ex president, then get him on court of squash, he love the game to the limit, just the way he loves soccer, he knows almost all super Eagles player one on one "

°Master of time management : " If you want to be an enemy of the ex president, then try to be late for meetings or date with him, he often says, a man that cannot manage and use time well, cannot manage wealth well, he has no regard for time wasters "

These are few sides of ex president Jonathan you never knew perhaps, as told us by Ebi Spiff,who till date regard the ex president as man worthy of emulation

Very best wishes to Dr Jonathan from all of us at CERUTTI GROUP 

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