Esther Ogwu CEO :Esther Child Rights Foundation Speaks Of Her Inspiration @ 11 Good Years of Robust Selfless Services To Humanity


Respected global brand and charity care giver, late Princess Diana once stated of happiness that " The root of happiness grows deepest in the soil of happiness "

And such is the story of Esther child rights Foundation ,led by Mrs
Esther Ogwu who is the CEO/ Founder  of this great NGO that recently clocked 11 year's of benevolent services to humanity

The Foundation  was established which was setup in 2009 as Esther Child Rights foundation is a non governmental organization (NGO) whose main focus is to eradicate Child Abuse, domestic violence, rape and other Human Rights violations.

In a special audience with World's Leaders subsidiary site, Cerutti Media Humanitarian segment, the CEO told us exclusively of their story ....

"We   came on board to create awareness in schools , private hospitals,government health centre ,market places,street talk and also conduct seminars in various locations  of Lagos State and across the Country as a whole

Partnership for Bright Future

" Over the years, we have  partnered with agencies such as (NAPTlP) National Agency  for the prohibition of Trafficking in  persons, (DSVRT)Domestic  and sexual  violence  Response Team Alausa.Ministry of Justice Lagos state the office of the public Defender (OPD) National  Human Rights commission (NHRC )Economic and crimes commission (EFCC)  to mention a few.

Area of support

1.) Moblity(transport)for movement to rescue victims.
2.)Financial support to  aid the foundation to reach out as many locations as possible also create awareness.
3.)To facilitate the organization with materials for effective  work in  the foundation.
4.) Camera for recording of  cases.
7.)sponsorship for Talk shows on TV , radio and Production  of DvD  awareness messages  to reach out to public.

• That is just a brief prologue about this great charity body, in the next days to come, we will project some landmark works they have done and who are the powerful people behind the organization

Esther Ogwu : A Brier Insight

Esther Ogwu is the founder of Esther Child Rights Foundation. She hails from Imo State, Mbano Local Government, Ezemoha. She has impacted positively into the lives of less privileged people.

She uses her platform for special counseling, rehabilitation and legal process for victims.
She’s a diligent and dedicated woman who dedicates her time to a good cause.
She is married with three (3) children and she admittedly stated " I have no regret using all my time and resources fighting for the child right, in fact i want to spend the rest of my life helping young & disadvantage children, not only in Nigeria but the continent Africa as a whole "

Big congrats for attaining 21 years of meritorious service as an NGO

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