Today's Inspirational Tips For Future Billionaires...Future Millionaires & young Tycoons ,brought to you courtesy: ARM Money Market

• For Future Billionaires...Future Millionaires & young Tycoons (3)

#Be Warned ; have God 1st in your agenda & Money in bank 2nd, some " So called Rich " friends & co may betray you in hard times

" This may sound or taste like very bitter  pill, but at the end of the day. In your worst financial moments or trial period,some relatives; so called good friends and some Church/Institutions  you bank on may betray you and live you to your cross

" Billionaires know this hence they work so damn hard and armed themselves with multiples streams of incomes

" At the end of the day what will save you prompt is our maker , God who never fails and that token token money you  hide in some fix premium or banks you trust ,this is bitter truth and future moguls must take this tip to heart( bank)"

~ words of wisdom by Chief Mike Cerutti Osagie & brought to you today ,Courtesy ARM M.Markets

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