SECRETS OF THE RICH AND SUCCESSFUL ....... Philantropists ,Uche Ogah Speaks On His Sleeping HABITS

Dr Uche Ogah, aside being a minister, is also a highly respected African Philanthropist and the President of the gigantic Masters Energy Group, a conglomerate with over 13 subsidiariesImage result for masters energy and interests spanning across Oil & Gas, Banking, Insurance, Aviation, Shipping, Dredging, Logistics, Construction, Travel Agency, Power, Commodities Trading, Fabrication e.t.cImage result for cerutti osagie story on uche ogah
He is a Big role model and he now revealed some top secrets that shot him to top of his gameImage result for masters energy
In a no bared session with our Role models unit, Dr. Ogah spoke on his top-secret to top of his trade that you can learn from.
And one of such is Ogah’s phobia for much sleeping and what youths can learn from too much sleep
In his words: ‘’ I see not much that one can derive from much sleep, it has led many to poverty, many to failed dream, I am not saying sleeping is evil, no, it is highly recommended, but for me, too much of it is not ideal, it can lead to bleak future, if I can catch a good sleep 12/1 am – 5 am, that is home and dry for me, I can use the other extra time for some constructive work, even meditating’’
This is not mere talk; we can reveal that as early 7 am Dr Ogah, is already in office, says one of his staffs who spoke to us during our course of the investigation
But not taking anything away from sleep, the business monument spoke on a reverse, ‘’ It is not decent however to carry on life nonstop without sleep, that is a disaster, a major reason for procrastination is fatigue or too much denial of sleep, my rule is whenever I feel overtired or overwhelmed with much to do and little time, I always stop myself ‘’ all I can do is all I can do’’
So, the lesson on this week’s role model is: be up more and sleep less, like reclusive tycoon turned politician, Dr Uche Ogah
© Mike De Cerutti Osagie
( Africas foremost humanitarian writer)


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