"Only the non ambitious people rely on one line and think they can be prosperous " -Jewish sayings
Longrich global director, investor and business monument, Uchenna Maryann speaks to you why you must try/invest in LONGICH
*She is a lady of high means and very business minded, Uchenna Maryann the Port-hacourt heiress has been speaking to CERUTTI MEDIA on long rich business , Benefits of partnering with longrich etc
1. ðŸŒŸ Become a Longrich Authorized Stockist in any location of your choice
2. ðŸŒŸ Qualify for an all expenses paid trip.
3. ðŸŒŸ Get Stock of Longrich products worth N7.5M to start your business with
4. ðŸŒŸ Become a Diamond 4 ranking member of Longrich ðŸ¥ðŸ¥ðŸŽ¸ðŸŽºðŸŽ·ðŸ’ƒðŸ’ƒðŸ’ƒðŸ’ƒðŸ’ƒ
5. The company pays you 6% of the Points generated from all transactions that pass through your stockist code.
..in addition to all those, you will also
 earn up to 400K in bonuses & commissions from your own investment
💪 ðŸ’ª
🌟 Longrich will sponsor a mega seminar in your chosen location to flag off your Stockist Opening and celebrate your new rank award. All expenses paid including hotel, gifts and refreshment
🌟 you are making a one-off investment for a lifetime earnings
🌟 remember you are taking products of your choice for the exact amount you are INVESTING + the bonus products. That means that apart from getting your money back in products, you will not be buying soap, cream, toothpaste, calcium, vitamin, etc from the market again for a long time. Change your brand to Longrich from the power bank you use to charge your phone to the classy energy pot you use in cooking.
🌟 the goods you will get is for you to sell and get your money back as Longrich will always replenish your stock anytime you use it to register a new person and still pays you money for the registrations.
🌟 you earn money as a distributor and as a Stockist. Longrich pays you 6% of the total PV transaction done in your office
🌟 you have become a lifetime partner of one of the biggest multinationals in the world. There are business opportunities for brand partnership and customized production
🌟 by making this investment, you have already started your journey to winning one of the three categories of 2019 car incentives #3.5M, #6M and #10M.
🌟 your Longrich business is always there for you. No targets, no wiping of points. You grow at your own pace.
🌟 you have access to the best supplements you can use to help people with different health challenges like arthritis, infertility, low libido, skin infection, poor eye sight, tooth ache and mouth odour, high bp, low bp, stubborn infections etc.
There is no reason to think twice about joining Longrich.
THERE IS NOTHING TO LOSE BUT EVERYTHING TO GAIN. The best part is that you just opened the door to a partnership that offers you at least three international trips in a year, multiple annual car awards, weekly payments, MBA scholarships, Sochow University scholarship, multi Million Naira housing fund etc. ALL ON YOUR ONLY INITIAL INVESTMENT
Requirements for Junior Stockist :
 you must be a VIP registerd member of Longrich
 have at least three VIP's or 5000 PV's under your network
 have an office fit enough to display Longrich products and hold small seminars
 have an office assistant with a laptop computer for registration of new members
 free training of your office assistant on how to use Longrich registration portal to register new members and order products
 Longrich sponsored Mega seminar in the same area as your office to launch your new office and attract people to your office
 4% monthly payments on every confirmed transactions done with your Stockist code
 opportunity to receive and register walk-in customers
 advantage of selling your Longrich products faster like a supermarket and make more profits
1.) Stockists earn 4% - 10% commission depending on the category.
This is an additional income basically they earn as both partners and stockist .
2.) If the application is within a trip promo or any other promo - the stockist can also qualify- additional income
3.) Automated Business which is continuous - your stock remains yours and is continuously recycled as orders are placed.
Become a Longrich Authorized Stockist
What is a stockist? As a Longrich stockist you are basically a Longrich shop owner in any area. You retail to individuals and distributors the Longrich high in demand products and get paid a percentage from products you sell aside your profit.
Must ONE invest more money after setup to get paid monthly?
No! But as the demand for products will naturally grow, you may need to increase your stock to meet up with demand at your discretion. And the more sales, the more commission you receive monthly. It’s a one off investment but once new product are introduced you have to purchase it.
How do people know YOU are in that location?
All new stockist are announced in the back office with their contact details and days of operation (members online portal). They are also added to a Longrich stockist directory which is frequently updated and forwarded to all members via their leaders/uplines. What this means is that the company advertise you to all her members who will contact you to start buying immediately. This is Longrich brilliant programme to establish her presence in every nooks and crannies and make sound health available to everyone.
What is The Money Used For?
No matter your investment stage of entry, the money invested is used to purchase products. This products will be more than the value of the money invested for your shop. You select products of your choice, it is advisable to pick all products. With our assistance, we can tell you the most search products so you know how to store in proportion.
Do Longrch stockist get promos and incentives specific to stockist?
Yes, they do. The company runs cash incentives & gifts to encourage stockist.
How does Longrich track all your earnings monthly?
There is an app which will be installed on your system to log in every product bought from your shop by members. The simple but effective software tracks every product sold by your shop.
Longrich gives every stockist a POS machine with your code programmed to it. This also tracks your sales as Well.
Every product sold is replaced by Longrich the week after the sales to keep your shop full at all time. You will always have goods in your shop to the value of your investment. Though due to high demands of Longrich products we always run short of products
What are the advantages of being a Longrich stockist?
You instantly become a diamond 3 Leader when you start as a Junior stockist.
You instantly become a Diamond 4 Leader when you start as a senior stockist .
As an investment you get 4%- 6% ROI monthly on the volume of sales done for the month as against fixed deposit and bonds.
This excludes your weekly bonuses if you are also doing the referral business. (referral comes with awesome financial earnings)
You are in an advantageous position to get “walk in leads/customers” which you can convert and sponsor to become members.
PVs generated from investing as a stockist counts for
Rank advancement,
1. Car Promo and
2. All expense paid trip promos.
With assistant from your team leaders, you will be well placed to earn a one time weekly bonus from your stockist investment which amounts to 6-figures.
As a Longrich distributor becoming a stockist gives your Longrich business serious boost, you grow up the ranks faster.
How do one get started and become a Longrich Stockist?
Get the form, fill it and attached all required documents.
Get a diamond 7 leader in your team to sign for you as guarantor.
Make a deposit into Longrich account below
Account Name: Longliqi int’l Nig. Ltd
Account Number: 1012908177
Bank: Zenith Bank
Is there training for Longrich stockist members?
Yes. You will be trained by a fellow stockist before you start your business.
There is a support system in place to assist at any time.
*WHY NOT CONTACT Uchenna Maryann
TODAY ON + 234 8038346098 & GET STARTED
- A Cerutti Media Group Special brand focus report


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