People on The Rise ..Enter The Prolific Profie Of Man of Many Parts Called Ebuwa

He is often seen either as a socialite or Television Television personality who made his international name while with Ovaton of London

But alas, he is man versed in many areas;  and in this most incisive profile but together by World Leaders team, we present the Ebuwa you never knew, enjoy it and keep evolving ©

Agbonwaneten Ebuwa Martins is a Nigerian media practitioner, content developer,
producer, director and the Managing Editor/Special Project for Ovation tv .

He is also the media & communication director for Love Africa Foundation Inc. Love Africa foundation Inc. is a US based non-profit organization whose mission is to give
OilAfricans a platform to tell their own story and the Tour Manager of Money Empire
Record Label. Money Empire is a Gambia and Nigeria based Record Label with artist
like Nobles, Omid wisdom etc signed to the Label

Ebuwa Martins is a native of Edo state, south-south Nigeria. Having been born and
partly brought up there, from Primary to University, He studied Mathematics at the
University of Benin, thou his parent’s, late Chief Decon Emmanuel Airen
Agbonwaneten and Ms Princess Karina Namiphok wanted him to follow another

Ebuwa started his career with Citiskills Consultancy Ltd 1996 – 1997, while in college he engaged in a lot of extracurricular activity (house party/Entertainment) that
allowed him a leeway to travel. Lagos and Abuja were his major destination then and
in one of his networking engagements he met one of the stakeholder in the
entertainment industry that eventually cumulated in making him a project
coordinator of Nigeria fashion Show (2000) and finally the Executive Director of
Legendary Gold Ltd (2001) the organizer and franchise owner of The Nigeria Fashion

Show where he worked for ten (10) years he also worked with Miss Aso Rock (2001).
After the coast was clear as to what Ebuwa was going to pursue, from one project to
another he kept moving; from the Nigeria Model Awards, co-produced by Kari's
Glamour World on NIGERIA TELEVISION AUTHORITY (NTA) (2002-2005), The Glamour

Fashion Show Abuja, Niger-Delta Fashion Show-Bayelsa and Megaton Media in Abuja
(2001 – 2003), he assists in coordinating The Nigeria Fashion Show in Paris but
operated from Amsterdam In 2004 – 2007, He also consulted for Amsterdam
International Fashion Week for a period in Holland before returning to Nigeria.
He worked as MD of White Martinz Productions Ltd, an event planning/management
company/Production in 2006, however he wanted to be more professional hence; in
2007 he went back to school to study directing at The Pencils Film & Television
Institute the same year he initiated the Africa’s Next Top Model, the African Version of  The America's Next Top Model to organize a TV reality show. He was and still is the Associate producer of The Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA awards) in
America for years.

He moved to Ghana from Lagos in 2011 as the Country Director of Soundcity TV. His
purpose in Ghana was to support and contribute to the development of the
entertainment industry and also expose Ghanaian artists, this he did by managing and working with some major artists in West Africa. He did major concerts in Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Philadelphia etc with capacity of 30, 000 people in attendance.

He left Soundcity in 2014 to develop and run a lifestyle television program, Ovation
TV as Managing Editor.

 After he successfully executed his mission with Ovation TV to establish the brand, He moved to European based company, Events4Brands as MD, a subsidiary company under Sellmedia Group Nigeria.

Ebuwa again returned back to Ovation Media Group, this time his mission is to
conclude his unfinished project, Ovation TV brand. As a 1 hour program on some
existing Media platforms (TV Stations) on three different continents; Africa, Europe
and North America, Ovation TV’s vision is to establish a magazine program on TV,
and today, Ovation TV has become a full blown brand with coverage over many
continents and culture.

Through Ovation TV we continue to spread the success story of many Africans and
thereby projecting the positive stories and opportunities that exist for business,
tourism, education and more on the continent. 2020, Ovation TV will go 8hrs weekly and 24hrs 2021.

Ebuwa Martins has over 20 years, experiences in events, media, entertainment, and
TV production, throughout his career he made sure that every company he worked
with became a leader in the market. He has produced fashion shows around the
world including Paris, Sweden, US, Ghana, and Milan. He has shot and still shooting
some TV shows, creating and developing contents, digital marketing, brands and
media management, he is married to a beautiful Lady and blessed with beautiful

* Corporate Profile By De Cerutti Group
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