"Let Courage Be Your watchword"- PR Practitioner & Politician, Earl Onaiwu, advises Global Youths

PR Giant & Showman Extraordinary, Earl Osaro Onaiwu Speaks To Future Champions
* Let Courage Be Your watchword
PR guru, showbiz impresario cum politician, Earl Osaro Onaiwu last night gave a piece of Advice to youths desiring to be on top of their trade and game
Speaking in an interactive session with De Cerutti Media Group, weekend soft read segment,the Edo born strategist penned
" There is no magic to the top, just trust God, be very humble and have courageImage result for mudi africaImage result for mudi africa

" Courage is the weapon you need to take you to high place's and the degree of your courage is what determines your wealth and success
" To me, courage is my game, it means beating fear to do something different, beating fear to see all your dream a desires come true, it has worked for me, it can work for you to" he told us inside his Abuja immaculate office
FootnoteImage result for courage
The Earl is right @ courage for even lord king Solomon, wisest king ever said in Proverb 22: 13
* The sluggard says " There is lion outside...I will be murdered in the street"
# Yet there is no Lion
The Cerutti Group thank The Earl for this great tip

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