HONESTY IN BANK HALL : Nigeria's Best Youths Inspirational Leader, Dr.(Engr.)/Sir, Basil C. Ezeaniekwe Commends GTB young lady who returned over paid money

Classic Case Study @ Honesty

* Says Nigeria Government & corporate organization must promote honesty
Current best inspiration leader in Nigeria,  Dr.(Engr.)/Sir, Basil C. Ezeaniekwe, DSc. MEng. last night commended young Olatunde Olufunmi Abiodun ,the banker who reportedly returned over paid money to a GT client
In his reaction, the ex GGM NNPC and now petrochemical & Environmental expert said
" That move must be commended and letter of thank you giving to her, this is honesty at its best, its not the amount that matters but her heart in a country where honesty is gradually fading away
He went on to give a case study of himself
" A while ago, I sent my driver with a cheque to collect #200.000 and he was given # 250.000 by mistake by a UBA bank cashier,I could not sleep, I returned the extra #50.000 to UBA, that is my idea of honesty" he stated categorically to De Cerutti Media ,last night


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