2020 In View ..........Africa's Global Philanthropist, Tony Elumelu Speaks To Future Champions On Power Of Dreams & Work

 All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them"-Walt DisneyImage result for quote on dreams

End of year Special report: 
BY Mike De Cerutti Osagie,Abuja
Nigeria's  best Humanitarian Writer of the year 2019

 He needs little or no introduction before taking his place of pride in today’s global hall of fame

He is none other than Dr Tony Onyemaechi Elumelu, a top Nigerian economist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is also the chairman of Heirs Holdings, the United Bank for Africa, Transcorp and founder of The Tony Elumelu Foundation
Beyond all the above mentioned lines, Elumelu is also a global role model pillar to many youths, whom he derives joy in giving out advice that can help shape their lives
In this special end of year advisory piece, made available to WORLD LEADERS, the philanthropist gave out a very vital advice to shape life of upcoming business men and women

“Yes, dreams are great as long as you are ready to put in the work to see them come true. He stresses the need for dreams to be backed with a lot of hard work.Image result for uba bankImage result for uba bank
"Your aspirations and yearnings are normal… It's okay to want more. But you must remember that you must deserve more to desire more. You must put in the hours, the long nights, the sacrifice, and the diligence. While it is okay to yearn for more, you must work hard enough to earn the promotion, the pay rise, the title change, the salary increases etc."Image result for cerutti osagie story on murphy osuala
Image result for cerutti osagie story on murphy osuala
He continues, "Have a clear picture of the destination you desire but instead of letting frustration set in, let those desires become the fuel that drives you to attain your goals. In a merit-driven system, people are rewarded for their hard-earned results, and leaders never take credit for the work of their subordinates. You will rise according to your productivity, advance in your career, and be exposed to even more responsibilities."

"As you climb the ladder, remember that you owe it to those coming after you to train, teach and inspire them as well," that is   Elumelu for you

ELUMELU : His Philanthropic Side &Life Philosophy Image result for TONY ELUMELU PHILANTHROPIC LIFE


After calling it a day and retiring as MD/CEO UBA Nigeria Plc, Elumelu founded The Tony Elumelu Foundation. His stated objective was to "prove that the African private sector can itself be the primary generator of economic development." The Foundation is charged with the mission of "driving Africa's economic development by enhancing the competitiveness of the African private sector Image result for cerutti osagie story on maria hotelImage result for cerutti osagie story on maria hotel

Other non-profits

• Elumelu was a member of the World Economic Forum's Regional Agenda Council on Africa.
• His presence on the Bretton Woods Committee, which brings together senior leaders in the global banking industry, is recognition of his work on African development.
• He is a Fellow of the Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI).
• He is involved, through his foundation, with the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) in a partnership to strengthen the private sector's role in the economic transformation of select African countries. This partnership is called the Blair-Elumelu Fellowship Programme.Image result for TONY ELUMELU PHILANTHROPIC LIFE
• He is co-chair of the Africa Energy Leaders' Group (AELG)
• Elumelu is a Trustee of the Infant Jesus Academy in Delta State, Nigeria. Image result for texenImage result for texen

• In 2018, he joined other global leaders as one of the inaugural Board Members of Generation Unlimited, an initiative of the United Nations refocused youth agenda
Elumelu is the originator of the term Africapitalism. According to him, Africapitalism is an economic philosophy that embodies the private sector's commitment to the economic transformation of Africa through long-term investments that create both economic prosperity and social wealth.

Elumelu sees Africans taking charge of the value-adding sectors and ensuring that those value-added processes happen in Africa, not through nationalization or government policies, but because there is a generation of private sector entrepreneurs who have the vision, the tools and the opportunity to shape the destiny of the continent. He insists that Africapitalism is not capitalism with an African twist; it is a rallying cry for empowering the private sector to drive Africa's economic and social growth.

* More African Billionaires must emulate Elumelu


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