“SOUTH Africans attack On Nigerians /Foreigners-A wicked and criminal act more than Xenophobia” - Says Jude Onakpoma Ph.D

IT has been in the news for a while now-mainly originating from South Africa

What really is Xenophobia? A study carried out by WORLD LEADERS MAGAZINE showed that * Xenophobia is the fear or hatred of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange Xenophobia can involve perceptions of an ingroup toward an outgroup and can manifest itself in suspicion of the activities of others, and a desire to eliminate their presence to secure a presumed purity and may relate to a fear of losing national, ethnic or racial identity.

Many have in the last couple of days spoken their hearts out on the evil attack in South Africa, today we present all the way from New York City in USA the views of global minded
Nigerian in person of Jude Onakpoma Ph.D popularly known as JUDE AWAY AWAYImage result for XENOPHOBIA

He was most pragmatic when he told us his impression, hear him out “I am not sure of the genesis of these black on black crime in South Africa. However, jungle justice, taking the laws into your hands, in humane killings is just wrong however the reason. Xenophobia is the “fear against Foreigners or aliens”.Image result for cerutti osagie story on murphy osualaImage result for cerutti osagie story on murphy osuala

The people carrying out these xenophobic crimes in SA are 1) Ill informed 2) Brainwashed by some disgruntled SA activist 3) exhibition displaced aggression/frustrations. It’s a fact that Nigerians had been stereotyped as fraudsters all over; Nigerians are doing great things and great accomplishments as well.

" I do not believe that the black on black attacks in SA is mainly xenophobic; it’s the social media that wants to push that agenda to further suppress the further black dev in SA or in a way of the Western world setting SA up for payback. Yes, there is frustration and jealousy of black immigrant’s successes in SA, there is that natural hatred for Nigerians and their flamboyance in other countries, I think these attacks are just mere wickedness and criminal act more than Xenophobia"

On his advice to Nigeria’s President and leader, Dr Jude says Buhari must lead by example

His words “Buhari is our Leader and must be respected as such. He was democratically elected by the people. The leadership of a country must be based on one’s academic qualifications. Buhari is the President for Nigerian Muslims and Christians, Men and women, Gay and Straight, Hausa and Yoruba, Ibos and Edos and Urhobos etc. He is responsible for ALL NIGERIAN CITIZENS-home and abroad.

“Buhari should send a strong message to the South African government that the safety of Nigerians in SA must not be compromised. Immigration is part of the world process. South Africa is not meant for SA born only. Even the Animals and birds and fishes in the waters migrate.

“The South African government must stop this black on black or black on white killings especially as it affects Nigerians. Buhari must protect Nigerian citizens in every country around the world just as the united States protect its citizens around the world. Buhari should start with the SA consulate in Nigeria, have a talk and he must make a personal visit to SA, discuss this crisis with SA President 2) hold a town meeting with Nigerian citizens to show support and to dialogue on what the issues are. Related image
3) Buhari must visit the families of the deceased Nigerian citizens in Nigeria and give recognition to their funeral. Nigerians are doing great things around the world, we are not perfect but then again “who is perfect”. Uk or America, Japan or China. Buhari must show he cares about his citizens, and lead by example"he opines

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