Didi Wackson-Jack :Ministry Of Niger Delta Affair's Perm Sec Preaches ON Virtues OF Decent Time Management

"Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can't afford to lose." -- Thomas Edison


Well experience human resource expert, Mrs. Didi Wackson-Jack who was recently   appointed to oversee the affairs of the Ministry of Niger Delta Affair (MNDA) as a permanent secretary as spoken on importance of time management under her watch
Mrs. Didi Wackson-Jack who took over from former perm sec, Aliyu Bisalla said, she is returning to the Ministry with nostalgia and also with a sense of purpose, “that I returned to this Ministry of my Federal Service birth.”

But this time she said she will be very meticulous and will always preach importance of time management
Says she “There will no more be waste of time here doing nothing and just talking instead of working you seeing, “When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute — then it’s longer than any hour..In life, I have come to realize that it’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about.The key is in not spending time, but in investing it so my appeal is let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning".

She then urged the staff to aim at increasing the quality of public service delivery, leading to the provision of a more lasting trajectory for the progressive development of the country. Adding that she commits to providing leadership for the attainment of the four broad goals of the policy enunciated by the head of service of the federation (HCSF),
On her new philosophy,  Mrs. Winifred said that quality work with quality time would be their watchword as a Ministry while urging the staff to make resumption of work at 8.00am the norm than exemption and put in minimum eight hours for which the Federal Government is paying them for, and add a few hours when necessary”

WORLD LEADERS MAGAZINE can reveal today that   Mrs. Didi Wackson-Jack started her career in the Federal Civil Service in MNDA as an Assistant Director, Appointments and Discipline and later Deputy Director, Appointment, Promotion and Discipline and other appointment came and in 2017 she was deployed to the Office of the Head of Service of the Federation as the Permanent Secretary.

No doubt a proudly Nigerian lady who sees time as very essential  in nation building and her guiding philosophy is taken from a William Shakespeare  book which says "Better to be three hours too soon, than a minute too late."


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