KEY ADVICE FOR PRESIDENT BUHARI (1) :"Mechanical Agriculture, KEY To Nigeria's Emancipation "-Hon Edward Chiyemugo Somawina Okiya

A former senatorial and gubernatorial candidate in Delta State Hon Edward Chiyemugo Somawina Okiya II,  has called on President Muhammadu Buhari not to toy with the state of Agriculture in   Nigeria if the Country expects to be emancipated under him
Speaking in a very brief interview with WORLD LEADERS on his way to a business trip in South Africa last week Hon Edward Chiyemugo Somawina Okiya 11 said “My only advice to the President is simple Ways to push Nigeria forward’s simple   Job creation through mechanical agriculture and Creating of food reserve agency nationwide, to preserve seasonal food so we can have them to eat for 12 months fresh

“We can also earn massively foreign exchange though export of oil palm, chili pepper, ginger, gold, gum Arabic, etc. Increase power generating by using UNN tech of converting waste to energy. End gas flaring. Population   control through effective border management etc etc
"THE President must also bring the Federal MINISTRY
 of Agriculture and Rural Development officials close to him, they have big role to play if Nigeria must move to our desired next  level" he opined 

·         The astute politician  , agriculture advocate and oil and gas players  says he is available to help the Government and take Nigeria to a  better next level


·         Hon Edward Okiya is an Active, dynamic Politician/ CEO Kantigo Nigeria...agriculturalist, business man,  Founding member United Nigerian People Party. UNPP 2002. Senatorial Candidate. Congress for Progressive Change, CPC Delta North 2011 AND Gubernatorial Candidate. Labor Party. LP. Delta State. 2019. 


WASAP & D/L +234 7042631895 


  1. I like his piece of advice but my humble opinion on a personal scale which one of this areas, has he ventured into on a small scale, talk is cheap, those who aspire to lead should lead by example, and give advise based on practicality. I don't usually go to vote but any day Dangote decides to into politics I will vote for him, he's not busy with advices he's daily creating jobs for people in small and large scale bless! Bless good piece though

  2. Here in this article, we will discuss Africa and its agriculture area, which stayed disregarded for quite a long time. undefined

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