Global Brand Focus ..........Meet :DR Murphy Walter Osuala, Man Behind MPL Empire Homes and Construction Speaks Passionately On His Businesses Bent

Mahatma Ghandi, the great humanitarian and global leader was pointblank right when he said “Seek not greater wealth, but simpler pleasure; not higher fortune, but deeper felicity.” 
And now, for CHIEF DR  Murphy Walter Osuala, the international real estate guru and president and CEO of MPL Empire Homes and Construction Limited-with specialty in   construction, building, and real estate company who was recently conferred with a Dr of SCIENCE (D.Sc Hons)
in Real Estate Development and Construction project management Honoris Causa, with all rights and privileges by the prestigious European America university OF Dominica held in Lome, Togo recently has spoken candidly on what motivated his drive to set up the upscale and imposing MPL Empire Homes and Construction Limited

In an interview with WORLD LEADERS ONLINE MAGAZINE in Togo, Chief DR   Walter Osuala stated that MPL Empire Homes and Construction  commenced operations in 2013 and has since been constructing infrastructural projects and building homes
"Our core . values are: Being the best in what we do. Honesty in all our dealings with our client sand Thoroughness in achieving excellence in the marketplace and meeting the needs of our clients, while our chief mission is the  construction, building, and real estate company that continuously extends the boundaries of functionality and excellence in home designs and work spaces.

" We are inn business to make people get their   money worth, having been exposed to how this type of business is done globally, we are here to make difference and give buyers value for their money ' he explained  

CHIEF Murphy Walter Osuala who is a renown philanthropist, goal setter/getter  and success freak says he wants today's youths to be focused on their goals and avoid get rich quick schemes as God favors the diligent and patient worker 


WASAP & D/L +234 7042631895 


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