Dr Martins Ogbiya Joseph Aka OJ Martins Grabs The Prestigious West Africa Media Community Award

"Masters are made out of people who are consistent and disciplined"


~ Honoured for His Excellence in Business management & Entrepreneurship
© Special Report by Cerutti Media
It is generally said in the Theology world that those whom our God favored.. Who can stop?
King David, Joseph, Daniel, King Solomon, Ester etc where all perfect case study, from nothing / nowhere to zenith prominence
Today, people with such enchanting story still exist
Take for example the story of the young and dynamic tycoon called OJ Martin's, the oil, marine and political player
Only last weekend he was decorated with a Doctorate Degree ( Dr of Arts : D.Arts Hons) by the European America university in Dominica Republic
And again, only last night in Nigeria was again honoured by the West Africa Media Community Award 2019 business personality of the year last week in Lagos 
In a most colorful event, Dr OJ Martin's was decorated for his excellence in Business management and entrepreneurship
Dr Martin's the Harvard Kennedy school Boston Massachusetts in USA trained market Economy expert has his hands in several fields like Oil, gas, Marines and a renowned world of
philanthropy with future eyes in the national political terrain
* His full interview and dynamic views on sundry National issues is due out at World Leaders online magazine shortly


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