CANCER VICTIM ,Happiness Oga's operation Tagged Very Successful IN India................But More Donation Required

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The family of the Ogars, last night confirmed that their beloved Angel, Happiness Ogar who was   hit by the much dreadful cancer of the bone aka Fibro Sarcoma  have successfully underwent an operation in a specialized India hospital to glory of God
BUT are currently in need of more support from good hearted people globally  and  well meaning general public as funds at hand is not enough 
According to the husband of the affected patient, Mr Douglas Ogar, any token support from well meaning general public will be most appreciated
Briefing us fully on the history of the ailment, Ogar posited thus
" The surgery was very successful though she will undergo radiation too,but the good news is that she will walk successfully in two days from the day of surgery, only one night in the hospital cost about #36,000 and the challenge now is how to raise the balance of over 6 million, cause we embarked on this trip solely by the 5 million grant from Governor Ayade
* To be part of this safe a life appeal, kindly send your token support/ donation to :
0126338288 Gtbank. Savings.Ogar Douglas
~ May God bless all the cheerful donors
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