BIG TONIGHT IN AMERICA................-Africa's global super star performer YEYE ASA OF SOURCE Floxy Bee set to make Nigeria's image blossom in USA today & Showcase Her Talent To Americans

1 night only

"The world is but a Stage "
-----------------Exclusive by PROFILE EXPERT
BY Mike De Cerutti (CZAR OF PEN)
~Set for big Night @ Joe's Pub on tonight
~An exclusive 70 Minutes Event
~ Ticket Price: $20.00
~Doors at 9PM
~ Show at 9:30PM
Floxy :A Brief Profile
Floxy Bee , the Queen of Hikosso Music has devoted her career to furthering the musical & cultural traditions of Nigeria throughout the diaspora. Since the age of sixteen she has been performing and recording.
She has received numerous awards for her Hikosso music, a mixture of highlife, makossa, soukous, juju, afrobeat and neo-traditional Yoruba. She has performed at the 2017 Olojo Festival in Ile-Ife, the Apollo Theatre with Lucky Dube, the Toronto African Music Festival. etc. She has received citations from the cities of Boston and Newark for efforts to bridge cultures through music.
In 2012 she was made the Yeye Asa of Ile Ife Iyanfoworogi. She recently was made the Yeye Osun of Modakeke. In 2017 she was appointed an executive member and representative of African Views, a UN affiliated ngo interested in women’s empowerment and cultural preservation in Africa.
Floxy Bee is from the Onigbinde family. Onigbinde means “the drummer has arrived.” Her grandfathers, as they had been doing for generations, would beat the drums and sing at all the major festivals in town of Modake/Ile Ife. She remembers when she was a little girl, her mother dragging her to the face cutter, her terror at seeing the knives, and how she cried and cried after it was done. Because of the marks her face, she could only run so far from her culture.
All she had to do was to wash her face and look into the mirror and she knew from where she came. Her father was an officer in the Nigerian army and he loved playing highlife. When she stepped out into the military compound, she would hear all the indigenous music of Nigeria.
As a young singer, out of Nigeria’s fascination for all things Western, she had to learn American Jazz and R&B classics in addition to her indigenous music. Later she added Reggae, Miriam Makeba, and some Grand Opera to her repertoire.
The Yoruba believe that a person is born with a purpose, and anyone hearing Floxy Bee sing knows that her purpose was to make music. At heart she is an African woman and in recent years she has immersed herself in the ALL true African tradition,Despite fully domiciled in USA
Best Wishes TO QUEEN Floxy BeeRelated image


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