Attack Of Nigeria High Commission in the United Kingdom :The Friends of President MOHAMUDU BUHARI in Diaspora/Nigeria Condemns Such Act

To all Nigerians in Diaspora world wide.   

The Friends  of President MOHAMUDU BUHARI in Diaspora/Nigeria last night  totally condemned the recent  action of the individual purporting to call himself a Nigerian who attended the Nigeria High Commission  in the United Kingdom and  caused damage to ASSETS and PROPERTIES of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA IN THE UK-and wish to issue the following Statement :-

Such individual does not represent Nigeria.  

Our duties and responsibilities as Nigerians in Diaspora is to present a positive image of our country around the world, defend her integrity and support the policies of our government as foot soldiers and frontline ambassadors of Nigeria in the respective countries that we live in.  

We call on all Nigerians at home and abroad to condemn the action of this individual and to advise our friends, family and colleagues to always represent our dear country positively 


HRH. Prince Yilkyes Finok Bala-Tonglele PhD. Crown Prince   PL/State & Gen. Sec. Friends of president MOHAMUDU BUHARI IN DIASPORA WORLDWIDE/NIGERIA


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