GETTING THE WOW EFFECT : Global Youths Advicer, Ebilayefa Famure Gives Few Tips

Creating a WOW effect around you is one way to stand out and improve the overall satisfaction of people you meet. The WOW is a moment of amazement and delight that everyone enjoys. The WOW effect is what all future leaders must aim to imbibe in their lives so as to produce result that will be celebrated by all and sundry

Only recently, World Leaders platform was honored to have  an encounter with Mrs  Ebilayefa Famure-a senior officer with the Federal MINISTRY OF Agriculture
  and Rural Development AND GLOBAL YOUTHS ADVISER

She was magnanimous to offer this simple tips to today's youths on getting a wow effect  -an in essence how to achieve total excellence in  ones work 

In her words "Giving your bosses, clients or leaders a wow effect must be the focus of our youths today , for example, if I give a tailor a good material to help me make a dress for example and on return he disappointed me by my not getting a wow effect, I will really be hurt to large  extent because by such mediocre work I will be loosing three things namely

* My material 
* MY Money  and 
* My Joy 

"So to give a wow effect from your works, our youths must be focused, meticulous, hard working,
diligent and never be in habit of complaining, for the act of complaining is  a most dangerous trait for growth, stay focus and stop complains

"If you are a student or learning a trade, never ever complain
remain their, suffer now and learn what you can learn for one day you can be an expert in that trade for complaining has never gotten any great mortal anywhere " she posited 


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