~ Klat Pharmaceuticals Out To Promote High Quality Healthy Living

"Energy is time, and time is everything"-  Khalid Masoo   

Chief Emmanuel Oluoha is an international business man of repute with hands in many plum pies

Beyond the conventional business terrain, he also has his hands in the health sector, where his organization: Klat Pharmaceutical is the producers of Ginklat capsules

Their foray into the Nigerian market stems from the need to solve teeming stress related issues that affects male and female, young and old.

The super combo effect of this drug makes it a premium capsule.

In a chat with Cerutti Media, Chief Oluoha stated that : "Ginklat is an ingenious capsule that eliminates physical and mental stress and also boosts erection for men. That’s why it is tagged as the Super Magic Vitamin.

"The secret combination of Ginseng, Vitamin E and Zinc Sulphate makes the Ginklat capsule to work like magic.

"It restores energy, reinvigorate erection for a satisfactory sexual performance in men, renews stamina, serves as anti-oxidant and relieves your whole body.

"The Ginseng acts as a sexual stimulant agent and decreases blood alcohol level. Therefore, Ginklat could be taken with the consumption of alcohol unlike other drugs where abstinence of alcohol is required.

"Thus, Ginklat could come handy in a pub, club or work place. However, it must not be taken on an empty stomach.

"The Ginklat capsule is purple with a pale yellow powder. It has a peak plasma level of 3 hours. It requires 3 hours to gradually absorb into your blood stream"

On the compositions, Oluoha explained that:

"The vitamin E serves as an antioxidant used to prevent and repair cell and tissue damages; while the Zinc is a sulphate naturally occurring mineral which is an important factor for growth and development of body tissues.

It is worthy to note that Ginklat is not for patients with known hypersensitivity to active ingredients, pregnant and lactating mothers and children under 12 years of age.

"Ginklat is a magic super multivitamin that renews you and keeps you going all day long"

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