Enter The Prolific Profile of Edo Princess~ The Astute Property Investor & Boardroom Strategist called Ofure Ibhakhomu

"THE Diligent Soul will serve kings , not obscure mortals" -KING SOLOMON 

The great Reverend Jesse Jackson, the one time black American Presidential candidate, stated at a historic Democratic Party Presidential convention in New York City that:

" All of us are not born giants, with silver spoons in our mouths and gold slippers on our feet. Some of us are born short, short of hope, short of opportunities, abandoned, neglected, homeless, motherless, teeth crooked, eye tangled, dream busted. But somebody has got to measure their greatness not by leaping or whining, but by diligence to life's calling and reaching back ; reaching out loving, caring and giving your best in whatever your hands finds to do"

This quote aptly described the person of Edo Princess Ofure Ibhakhoma- a woman not born with any iota of silver spoons but whom by sheer determination, discipline, focus and trust in God have attain almost all her self goals today

Said to be a woman of many parts,it will not be out of place to tag Princess Ofure Ibhakhoma as a woman of substance, a special acronym reserved for people who listened to and obeyed the wisest King ever- King Solomon who advised mortals while alive to cast their bread upon " many waters"

The many waters ie areas of specialty she can be spotted on includes : Real Estate developing ; boardroom strategist; Sales Expert; Motivational Speaker; A pastor at her church Christ Embassy and finally also a truly tested and proven philanthropist

Born in Esan West local government Ekpoma in Edo State in a modest home, she learnt during her childhood Lessons to always stand for the truth always in respective of the circumstance or situation you find yourself.

After her Elementary and secondary School she proceeded to the prestigious Ambrose Alli University primary school Ekpoma where she read business Management in a citadel of learning that developed her philosophy of life which is
Never to give up in life,determination is the key to success. She has often advised today's youths to always believe in themselves even when nobody believed in them,and invest in there personally to be best in there field of life. Because she herself as s case study was determine to be successful in life and in business today she isv successful and also receiving award in the world of business and at home and abroad.

The latest being the
Real Estate Developers Award,awarded her company Lifecard International Investment Ltd as the most innovative and fastest Growing Real Estate company.

Asked what inspired her into property business, she was most emphatic in her revert..

"The investors inspired,me because there a lot vultures in the real estate business but am here to create integrity and values for investors investment by creating wealth for them and the communities.

Does she has plans to help Nigeria's own Landed properties?

" Yes I do" was her revert "Rather than Nigeria's putting cash into savings account they should invest in land which give them value proposition to become owning of lands and get high" she advised categorically
returned of investment

Regarded as a boardroom strategist, the list of boards she serves in today includes- but not limited to :

1) Pacstride Integrated Service Ltd

2)Lifecard International Investment Ltd

3)Cruxtone Property Development Company

4)Pactex paints Ltd

5)Burget Home Development Company

6)Coasts of many colour Ltd

7)Brasstop global Service

😎 Day to Day FM

This many years experience have led her to come up with a stern Message for the youths of today

"Don't just dream but dream big,think big and take a step because successful youth is the one who invest in his communities to make it a better place'

Princess Ofure Ibhakhomu is also  an Alumnus of Lagos Business School having attended the Owner Manager’s Program (OMP 24).Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

As a  Certified Joint Venture Broker, she has successfully closed an impressive number of joint venture deals and she manages a pool of investors, from around the globe, in the Real Estate Industry; from land owners to buyers, to investors, to multinational organizations. She initiates partnerships to develop mega multi family unit apartments for young millennial who seek affordable lodging, to help solve housing issue in Lagos, while yielding steady and massive cash flows for investors.

It is worthy of note to emphasis that her love Motivational Speaking knows no bound.. As she is a Radio Host, of ‘Bricks and Mortar’, Initiator of the ‘Kids Investors Network’ which she enjoys as a hobby just like she also enjoys consulting as thst has successfully led her to be doing consulting works not only for individuals but with individual investors, small and large corporate organizations like Chevron corporative, Mobil Corporative, and the Lagos State Development/Property Corporation over the years

She is happily married with three lovely children

Indeed for Ofure" Excellence in life is an attitude"

That she has managed prove to the best of her abilities via the Grace of God

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7th March 2019


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