Nigeria : A land of Hope -HRH Dr YF Bala - Tonglele Phd

2019 Presidential RACE
"Nigerians Must Value Nigeria's IMAGE "
-Says UK based HRH Dr YF Bala - Tonglele Phd
* Says there is hope in NIGERIA
* Speaks ON why he opted for Buhari /Osibanjo *************

The revised oxford dictionary described value as ........the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

And such is the regard that international business man, philanthropist, dealer in airbuses planes and aircraft sales, HRH Dr YF Bala - Tonglele Phd wants the average Nigerian to regard the nation called Nigeria
In an exclusive chat with CERUTTI MEDIA( Political affairs today unit ) , the astute business man and politician stated " We must educate our youths from now to have premium regards and value for Nigeria
"MANY talk ill of Nigeria and wants to leave , they see abroad as bed of roses, but no, itr is not, USA, UK etc are no more what it used to be, now is time to stay focus in Nigeria and carve a niche for self , there is gold in Nigeria that can be tapped better than travelling " he advised
On the much anticipated 2019 election, HRH opines "stop lamenting, go and vote your choice, for me, I feel THE Best man to lead us into safe landing is Buhari

"Buhari has better integrity than all the others in line for the top job, we must allow him continue where he started instead of having another man start all over, let our people vote wisely and stick with Buhari /Osibanjo" he rounded up
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