"My Vision For Warri Federal Constituency "-By Chief Monday Keme

A new breed politician , Chief Monday Keme who is front line runner in the forthcoming election the Warri Federal Constituency has spoken of his burning desire and aspiration for his people

The Warri constituency, which is made up of  Itsekiri, Ijaw and the Urhobo Nationalities  is highly regarded as the hot spot zone of the entire Delta state, yet successive politicians have neglected the area 

In a chat with WORLD LEADERS ON LINE MAGAZINE last night, Federal house of Rep aspirant under Social Democratic PARTY(SPD)  Chief Keme stated " I weep for our dear Warri constituency, rich in tradition , rich in oil and human resources but highly degraded and neglected

"MY mission in politics and if voted into House Of Rep  as a member - is to right this wrong by bringing massive project development to the region, inviting global investors and instead of fighting Federal Government for neglecting  the oil rich region  , we will appeal to them and work with them for betterment of WARRI future,enough is enough " he mused 

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