2019 Presidential Election Race : Engr Noah Dallaji: Man Behind ACTDF Cautions Nigerian Youths On Choice of Words Used In Campaign Promo

"An injury is much sooner forgotten than an insult"-. Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

A globally respected youth leader, politician and President of THE African Children  Talent Development Foundation(ACTDF) Engineer Noah Dallaji has cautioned vast majority of Nigerian youths who have taken on to social media to be using all sort of derogatory words against various aspirants who are not their preferred candidates 

In an exclusive interview with WORLD LEADERS ONLINE MAGAZINE last night, Dallaji said this is uncalled for and youths must be cautioned  and thought how to speak decently about leaders and elders 

IN his words " I have read and it has been brought to our knowledge at ACTDF how our youths rain even insults on aspirants that they do not like, this is  uncalled for, they must be thought the gospel truth for even the holy Books said we must respect our leaders 

" What must be the norm is for each and everyone to go online or in paper, say what he or she has to say about his or her preferred choice for presidency and leave the other aspirant alone, nothing like insult or abuse must be encouraged" he stated

who called on everyone to use his or her PVC wisely assured all and sundry that the 2019 much anticipated election will be violence free and Nigeria will be back as a very strong country to reckon with , by the Grace of God 


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