Philanthropist & Senatorial Aspirant Olatoye Temitope Sugar, Tags ADP As Nigeria's REAL 3rd Force Political Party

A chieftain of the wave making Action Democratic Party (ADP)  and a  Senatorial candidate   Hon. (Dr) Olatoye Temitope  has declared that the party is the real third force, and is ready to take over from the All Progressive Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), starting from oyo State thane to deep parts of Nigeria

Philanthropist Hon. (Dr) Olatoye Temitope of the OLATOYE SUGAR FOUNDATION fame   stated this yesterday in revert text tom WORLD LEADERS ONLINE MAGAZINE
HE said THE ACTION DEMOCRATIC PARTY (ADP) is a registered political formed and established in 2017 to deal with the lapses that have over the years been complained about by Nigerians because the tenets of true democracy have been lost thereby giving some select few a godlike image where political parties are being dictated upon by the few and powerful.

On the ADP's Three Points Agenda

He said the ADP, the three point agenda are
1.   All Inclusiveness
2.   Democracy Empowerment of the Youth and Women
3.   Party Supremacy
In his words “The keyword is democracy and this democracy is the same that is universally accepted and practiced all over; no one man or woman is greater than the party or one's view much better than the other member's when that view has not been examined and discussed. The ADP is the Nigeria's credible alternative with modern thinking and applications in its manifesto.
“ADP is the party for every Nigerian who believes that the traditional and archaic methods of attending to the Nigerian quagmire should be revisited. ADP is the political party that is building a better future for a more unified Nigeria”
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