MEET SENATOR BINTA GARBA............... A Formidable Politician From The North With Large Hear For Charity Projects

"Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love"- Mother Teresa

ANYTIME THE NAME Sen Binta Masi Garba is mentioned, what easily comes to mind is her political foray -more so as she is the only female senator from the 19 Northern States
But beyond that she is a lady deep in charitable works, WORLD LEADERS
CAN REVEAL THAT her love for humanity is what inspired the bitty of , the BMG foundation was introduced by Binta Masi Garba, the Senator representing Adamawa Northern Senatorial District. No doubt within these few months, the foundation has so far put a smile on many people faces.

The vision of Binta Masi Garba Foundation is to give back to the society through environmental friendly activities and to foster peace among Settlers in communities. The Foundation is a non Governmental and non Political Organization. Education and Health is one of the Foundation priorities.

To mention but few, on good education standard among youths, Senator Binta Garba, the Senator representing Adamawa North Senatorial District, through her foundation reached out to this great and intelligent fellow by name Zakka Joseph who has hearing challenge. The Foundation presented some package to him, to assist him in his education.

For good health among others, recently the Foundation paid for the medical bill of a little girl who is set to undergo surgery.

The gesture may be little. But the foundation is putting more effort to reach thousands of lives as it was aimed at serving humanity.
In a related development , the amiable female politician, Binta Masi Garba has blamed the under-representation of women in politics on lack of political will and subsequently commended the ruling APC for its proposed twinning system in the party’s yet-to-be-ratified constitution.

Garba, who chairs the Senate Committee on Women Affairs, said “All we are now saying is that the environment for political participation must be conducive and must be violent-free; no woman wants to be violent, no woman is violent. “Going forward is that the government must create an enabling environment and have a political will. “Like now in the APC forthcoming Convention, they will have to look at the Constitution of the party, in which they are now bringing in the twining system.

"That if a man is Governor, the Deputy must be a woman; if a Speaker is a man, the Deputy must be woman or if the speaker is a woman, the deputy is a man.” She endorsed the twinning system, which worked well in Southern Africa and East African countries, and has empowered women politically in the sub-regions. “But for the first time, a political party has the interest of women to see how women can partner men together, collaborate and move the country forward" she elaborated



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