African Blind Foundation & Jsp roll out Food and Love program for Bethsaida Blind School

"To be blind is not miserable; not to be able to bear blindness, that is miserable"-John Milton

JSP Communications, one of Nigerian’s leading Public Relations agencies has teamed up with the African Blind & Restoration Foundation to commence a long term food support program for the Bethesda Home of the Blind, Mushin, Lagos. 
The program was specially launched in February, the month of love. The first round of food supplies was formally presented to the blind school at a well attended ceremony. 
Under the Food & Love Program, JSP will arrange a steady supply of essential foods through the African Blind Foundation to the Bethesda Home of the Blind at periodic intervals. This will ensure the food and nourishment needs of the blind students in the school, are met to a large extent. 
Speaking at the food presentation event, JSP Executive Director, Ronke Adebule
stated that, there could be no better time than now to make this love offering. We are highly impressed that the blind students at Bethsaida have approached life with great faith, confidence and optimism despite their obvious challenges. 
Steve Ajayi, the Programs Manager of the African Blind and Restoration Foundation pointed out that the Foundation has remained in the forefront of providing moral, educational financial and vocational support to Nigerians living with blindness. 
Executive Director of the Foundation, Mr Michael Fadeyi ,  explained that: “We are starting this love and food program at Bethsaida blind school because of the huge needs here. We plan to extend the program to other Centres for the blind. We hope more good hearted Nigerians and organizations will emulate Jsp and join us in this campaign and give concrete support and hope to the blind and needy.”
The Founder and Administrator of  Bethesda Home of The Blind,

Mrs Chioma Ohakwe applauded both organizations for their support and encouragement. 
She remarked that the African Blind Foundation are not just paying lip service to helping the blind. They just don’t talk. They are taking specific actions. We are most delighted and grateful that the Foundation chose our Centre to launch this great initiative of food and love.  The Foundation has provided us in the past with essential school supplies and also offered university scholarships to some of our students.”
Chioma used the occasion to announce that some of their students recently gained admission into top universities in Nigeria. 
The Bethesda Home of the Blind (BHB) is a voluntary and non-profit making boarding school for the visually-impaired in the society. It focuses  on providing specialized secondary school education for young blind students, preparing them for the JAMB exams and helping to get them into universities.
The students are also offered other vocational skills, home management skills and motivational life lessons, to give them all round preparations for life. Chioma added that, “it gladdens our hearts that the African Blind Foundation is not just touch and go. Their long term food support and consistency is vital for our long term survival"


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