THE LIFE Changing Quotes Collections of MARILYN MWENE, Courtesy Mon's Pick

A lady whose life is centered on business, publishing, supermarket chain advocate and networking, Marilyn Ojehonme Nwene returns after a long break with a new sayings, as recurrently complied by CERUTTI GROUP

Here her " I have always believed in life , success, greatness and attainment of peak height is all matter of choice , hence one of my best inspiration moto is from NIKE
" Indeed greatness is a choice and I always tell people around me that t be great one must make every effort to delete procrastination and just do whatever  you set  your mind to do,
procrastination is a killer and is ready to kill more people but you can stop it by  the NIKE LAW OF GREATNESS AND JUST DO IT "

BY CERUTTI GROUP....................Beyond image making, touching lives positively


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